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Lindsey Volin

Talking To Your Kids About Art With Lindsey Volin


It can sometimes be difficult to come up with things to say about your childs artwork. In this free art lesson, Ms. Volin offers up some great ways to encourage your kids to keep being creative while avoiding showering them with too much praise! These Do's and Dont's of positive reinforcement are great tips for all parents of young artists!

Category: Lecture
Skill Level: Beginner
Subject: Kids, Talking About Art
About Lindsey Volin

Lindsey graduated from Meredith College with a BA in Studio Art. She recently earned her certification in art education K-12 from Meredith. She loves teaching and is currently developing a DVD based art education program for homeschool students. Lindsey enjoys spending time with her family, watching bad true-crime tv and rockin' it to the karaoke mic.

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