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Lou Ann Overman

Lou Ann Overman

I was born in North Carolina and have always lived down east. The beauty of the rural south and the North Carolina coast has captivated my heart and birthed a love for the simple things of life. There are breathtaking moments and images you see that can't be forgotten. For me, these events usually birth an idea for a new painting. It is usually the simple things that are easily overlooked that catch my attention. My paintings may remind you of a long-forgotten emotion or a place in time. I simply feel compelled to share my inspiration through watercolor, acrylic and pastel. Painting is an adventure: like finding something new and unique, that's never been seen before, until its moment of creation. Primarily self-taught, the confidence to paint began after graduating in graphic design. I was commissioned for many years by a variety of trade show publications. My first gallery showing was with Verdé Bleu Gallery of Emerald Isle, North Carolina. When someone asks how long a painting took to create, I answer "a lifetime!" It is the varied experiences of life that give you the filters to process what you see. My primary goal is to capture moments of life that speak to the heart. - Lou Ann Overman

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