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Watercolors are one of the most popular mediums sold today for their simplicity, ease of travel, lack of solvents or mediums that must be added to alter the paint film, and flat painting surfaces like watercolor paper or blocks that take up less room. Less brushes are necessary to start when learning or for traveling, and there are both wet (tubes) and dry (pans) forms to choose from that offer different advantages. Watercolor painting has been recorded since Egyptian times, and was widely used in the European Middle Ages for illustrating illuminated manuscripts. It gained popularity during the Renaissance for coloring tinted ink drawings and engravings. Watercolor became a popular with landscape and botanical painters in the 1700’s, and grew in popularity and use since with the creation of watercolor societies in the 1800’s. Jerry’s online video art lesson’s watercolor selection is vast, and offers instructions from the bare bones basic beginner level up through highly advanced skill levels. With skilled professional watercolor instructors well known in their field, lessons range from landscapes, to florals, animals in watercolor, portraits, and much more! Settle in with a cup of coffee at home or set up to paint along at your own pace in the studio, and learn new techniques and tips to improve your watercolor skills!

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