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What is an easel? An upright support used for displaying and/or fixing something resting upon it. They are most often used for a painter's canvas or sketchbook while the artist is working or to hold the completed work for display.


Choosing the right one

When setting out to paint an artistic creation, you are going to need an easel to set your canvas or other substrate. The type of easel that you choose will depend on your medium and where you are going to be painting. For example, watercolor painting involves working on a flat and sometimes inclined surface. We recommend the convertible easels, which can tilt from vertical to horizontal easily. Knowing the proper method of how to choose the right artist easel will make a big difference when you make your purchase from Jerry's Artarama's wide variety of easels for sale. 


There are many different types of artist easels on the market and our list below will better guide you to the best one you will need for your wonderful artistic creations. Perfect for the professional artist, student, beginner or kids. Choose from many popular low priced easels on sale.


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