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Unprimed Canvas Rolls

Find the largest selection of artist unprimed canvas rolls in premium linen, synthetic blends, cotton and cotton duck. Savings on highly coveted, master-crafted canvas rolls from only the highest quality ready to accept whatever form of custom priming to suit your painting needs!
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Unprimed Canvas Rolls

We carry a only the finest selection of artist unprimed canvas rolls in premium linens, cottons and cotton duck. Crafted from only the highest quality ready to accept whatever form of custom priming you desire, from clear or colored gessos, oil priming, pastel primer, etc. Professional rolls to tailor the painting surface to your specific preferences and media. Jerry's is your main trusted source for only the absolute best artist quality!

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We source all types of unprimed canvas rolls in various fabric types from: Linens - Known for their strength, longevity and high-quality painting surface. Considered a premium option with finer and smoother texture. Cotton Duck -One of the most popular and widely used fabrics for unprimed canvas rolls and has a sturdy, heavyweight fabric with a tight weave, making it durable and suitable for a wide range of painting techniques. Synthetic Blends -Made from a mix of polyester and cotton or polyester and linen which offer a combination of features, from both synthetic fibers. Hemp & Jute - Hemp canvas is less common than cotton duck and linen but offers similar qualities. Jute is another natural fiber option that is coarser and rougher in texture compared to cotton duck or linen and is often used in industrial and decorative applications.

What is an unprimed canvas? An unprimed canvas roll refers to a roll of canvas fabric that hasn't been treated with primer or gesso. Artists appreciate its untreated nature as it lacks the primer or gesso layer giving it an absorbent surface compared to primed canvas. Many artists opt for canvas rolls because they offer flexibility in preparing the surface. Some artists like to add their primer or gesso layers to personalize the surface texture, absorbency and color before painting.

What is a clear primed canvas? This kind of canvas has a primer. Gesso or primer layer that is transparent or almost see through. It keeps the natural color and texture of the canvas fabric while offering an sealed and stable surface for painting. It is usually clear acrylic primed and will take acrylic paints, oil colors, caseins, alkyds, egg tempera, and pastels.