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Oil Painting

Oil Painting

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Free Art Lessons By – Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Find art lessons for free to enhance or learn oil painting from our large selection of oil painting free art lessons. Oil painting is the first medium most non-artists conjure mentally when they think of a painter—someone dressed in a smock with a beret, wood palette in hand, standing in front of an easel and dabbing at a canvas. Indeed, oil painting was widely adopted as an artistic medium since the 15th century, although oil paintings in caves in Afghanistan date back as far as 650 AD. Oil paints have a fragrance and consistency unlike any other paint, oil paints can be used in any genre of work or painting style you can imagine. Oil Paints are used by most professionals that sell their work for its amazing properties. Jerry’s Artarama features a lengthy list of free online art lessons for oil painting from the beginner artist to the professional looking to tweak their techniques or enhance their own personal oil painting style. Relax with a cup of coffee at home or paint along in your studio with these lectures and demonstrations in oil from successful, professional artists!


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