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Paints & Mediums

Artist Paints & Mediums

Shop for the finest quality artist paints and mediums at Jerry's Artarama. We carry the largest selection of fine art paints and mediums at the lowest prices. Shop for acrylic paints, artist oil paints, watercolor paints, gouache, water-mixable oils, mediums, and more.
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Paints and Mediums

We carry the largest selection of fine art paints and mediums at the lowest prices. Shop for acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor paint, gouache, water-mixable oils, mediums, and more on sale.

Which Paint Is Best for Art?

The paint that is best for art can only be determined by the individual artist. While one artist may prefer to work with oil paints, another may love working with acrylic paints. Beyond these two options, there are other highly popular artist paints such as watercolor and gouache. Your desired aesthetic and preferred media greatly impacts your choice of art paints, and it may change from piece to piece. As artists develop their skills and explore different mediums, paint and even paintbrush preferences may change. The best paint for art is the paint that you, the artist, enjoy working with and that allows you to create your best art. At Jerry's we only want you to use the best artist paints for the absolute best outcome. Better paints equal better results!

Is Painting with Oil Harder than Acrylic?

Painting with oil is not necessarily harder than painting with acrylic, but there are distinct differences between the two types of artist paints. Oil paints have a much slower drying time than acrylic, which means you can continue to work with the paint days to even months after you have applied it to the canvas or art paper. Acrylic art paints, on the other hand, dry very quickly, meaning you have less time to work with them.
The makeup of these paints also means oil paints are much easier to blend, while acrylic paints prove more difficult.
Another difference between the two types of art paints is how many materials are needed in addition to the paint itself. Oil paints require more materials than acrylic paints do. In addition to the paint, when working with oil paints, you will also need:
  • Oil mediums and solvents
  • Oil-specific cleaning materials
  • A greater selection of palette knives
  • Oil receptive painting surfaces

Shop for Artist Paints at Jerry’s

At Jerry’s Artarama, you’ll find the largest selection of artist paints at the best prices. From acrylic, watercolor and professional series oil paint to easels, fluid paints, and art painting supplies, we have it all! Each of our high-quality art supplies is backed by exceptional customer service and expert product curators. We’re committed to providing artists with 100% customer satisfaction. Have a question about one of our products? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you find what you need so that you can get back to creating!