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Blending and Crosshatching in Drawing

Luana Luconi Winner

Join professional pastel artist Luana Luconi Winner for an exciting Free Video Art Lesson demonstrating blending and crosshatching techniques with pastels.

Painting With SoHo Acrylics - Abstract

Dan Nelson

Raleigh artist Dan Nelson demonstrates how to use SoHo Acrylic colors to paint an abstract court jester! Painting With SoHo Acrylics - Abstract Painting Techniques

How To Prepare A Canvas Using Gesso

Joe DiGiulio

Welcome to another exciting free art lesson with Joe DiGiulio! In this video, Joe will show you how to prepare your canvas using Matisse Gesso and a gloss medium to give your finished painting a more interesting look! This lesson is an excerpt from his upcoming DVD, The Abstract Expressionist Mind: A Matter of Scale.

Jerry’s LIVE Episode 75: Exploring Geometric Abstraction With Acrylics – Special Guest Artist Joe DiGiulio

Jerry’s LIVE Episode #75: Exploring Geometric Abstraction With Acrylics – Special Guest Artist Joe DiGiulio Details: What goes in to painting an abstract work? We have all heard someone say at a museum, while pointing at an abstract work “What the HECK??? My kid could do THAT.” Yet, as artists, we simply know that isn’t…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 18/09/2018

Thicken Your Oil Paints with Impasto Medium for Oil Paints – LUKAS Painting Butter

Why Use Impasto Medium: Paint In Heavy Impasto Techniques Without Wasting Valuable Pigment! Layers Will Dry Without Shrinking, Cracking Or Wrinkling! In this article we are focusing on LUKAS Impasto Oil Painting Medium used to mix with oil paints for impasto techniques. Lukas Painting Butter is very heavy bodied and therefore gives extremely thick oil colors, accelerates drying,…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 12/09/2018

Jerry’s LIVE Episode 73- New Art Supplies & Materials at Jerry’s

Episode 73: It’s that time of year again- Back to Art School ushers in new Jerry’s products, art supplies and art sets, and Amy’s Birthday, too! Come join us to see what’s new, exciting, and that you just can’t live without… from travel watercolor paint sets and acrylic artist sets, to new brushes and brush…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 11/09/2018

Rich Ultra Black and Super Opaque White – Turner Acryl Gouache

Turner Acryl Gouache Artist Acrylics Super Concentrated Artist Acrylics – The MOST Vibrant Acrylics You Can Buy! The rich ultra black and super opaque white are among the finest colors ever produced in the world. Turner Acryl Gouache –  Incredible array of 219 colors, Colors adhere to most surfaces (Boards, Panels, Paper, Wood), Quick Drying Beautiful…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 31/08/2018

Overwhelming Sketchbook Options – Jerry’s LIVE Episode 71

Episode 71: Have you ever tried to find the perfect sketchbook online, only to be met with an endless list of sketchbooks and tiny photos – and so many options it makes your head SPIN? Stress no more. Join us for this insightful episode that sorts out features, paper weights, and styles of binding to…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 23/08/2018

Acrylic Pouring Painting Art – 3 Acrylic Pouring Techniques & Supplies

Acrylic Pour Through a Colander – Dirty Pour on Wood Panels At Jerry’s we were asked to do an acrylic pour through a colander, so we did 3 of them! We have some great art materials and supplies that are perfect for you to achieve great effects, colors and real vibrant pours for your acrylic…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 23/08/2018

Interview with Professional Artist Andy Russell – Artwork & Matisse Acrylics

Professional Artist Andy Russell shares his techniques and process on how he captures and creates vibrant, colorful & amazingly detailed artwork When I do layering I use either a glazing wash of watered down color or a scumbling technique of rubbing one color over another. Sometimes to get a smooth transition of say, dark green to…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 17/08/2018

Top 15 Acrylic Painting Mistakes – Jerry’s LIVE Episode 70

  Episode 70: Top 15 Acrylic Painting Mistakes – One of the most versatile paint mediums – acrylics can be used as a straight painting medium, used with mixed media, collage, or even as an underpainting for oils. Acrylics and most acrylic mediums can also be used as an adhesive for collage, or even thinned…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 15/08/2018

Commissioned to paint a portrait of Richie Sambora by Roseann Madia

Breaking out of My Comfort Zone To Create A Commissioned Portrait Using Lukas Berlin Water-Soluable Oils and Yes All Media Cotton Canvas!   I was recently commissioned to paint a portrait of Richie Sambora, guitar legend from the rock band, Bon Jovi. My client chose a 24x30in size, MUCH bigger than I generally work with, so I…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 14/08/2018

Mixed Media Madness with Mixed Media Monday Hostess Ophelia Staton – Jerry’s LIVE Episode 69

Episode 69: You’ve seen her on Mixed Media Mondays, and on our Jerrys Live show last year– the “Goddess of Getting Your Art Groove On”– Ophelia Staton! If you haven’t seen Ophelia, you are in for a real treat!!! Details Join us for this fun Mixed Media Madness where Ophelia makes Amy throw caution to…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 14/08/2018