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Colored Pencil Sets & Pencils

Jerry's carries only the best artist quality colored pencils and colored pencil sets. Create their next vibrant masterpiece with our professional and artist lines of colored pencil sets and pencils. Better colored pencils for better results
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Colored Pencils

Jerry's Artarama carries only the best selection of artist quality colored pencils and colored pencil sets. Our professional colored pencil sets allow colored pencil artists to create their next vibrant masterpiece. Only At Jerry’s, you’ll find the finest quality of colored pencils from top brands like Soho, Cezanne, Faber-Castell, Caran d'Ache, Koh-I-Noor, Prismacolor, Cretacolor & more.

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Why Use Colored Pencils?

Colored pencils offer several benefits for professional artists. Some of the many reasons why artists love using this medium are:

  • They allow you to achieve precision with every stroke.
  • With these pencils, both detail and depth can be drawn.
  • It’s easy to achieve a light, soft look by pressing down lightly or a strong, bold look by pressing down harder.
  • Their size is convenient and easy to transport.
  • Colored pencils make it possible to create art nearly anywhere.

What Colored Pencils Are Best for Blending?

Soft colored pencils are the best for blending. Many artists prefer to use wax-based colored pencils because they are creamier and their texture results in easy blending. When blending colors, it is important to keep your pencils sharp and maintain a light pressure as you apply color to the paper or drawing surface.

What Other Art Supplies Go Well with Colored Pencil Sets?

Other art supplies you may want to purchase with colored pencil sets include:

  • Art Drawing Boards - A valuable tool for artists and designers, providing a stable and adjustable surface on which to create their artwork with precision, control and some with storage for pencils.
  • Colorless pencil blenders – Mix and soften your color pencil drawings with pigment-free blenders. Designed to use with wax-based colored pencils to allow for easy color blending.
  • Drawing papers – Select the right drawing paper to ensure your artwork looks its best. Sketchbooks – Best options when you need a fine art surface for your colored pencil art.
  • Pencil sharpeners – A handheld pencil sharpener can keep your pencils sharp and performing at their best.
  • Erasers – Using an eraser that is meant for pencils containing pigment makes it possible to remove marks easily.
  • Lead Holders & Extenders – This handy tool extends your pencils to hold comfortably and get the most out if them.
  • Drafting brush – Using a brush is key to keeping your paper surface free of pencil dust and pieces of pencil pigment.
  • Light Boxes & Light Tablets – Capable of showing through media such as papers, artist canvas, and fabrics.