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Invented in the 1930’s (but not sold commercially as an artist’s product until the 1950’s), Acrylics are among the most versatile of painting mediums available. Using water as the vehicle, an emulsion of acrylic polymer serves as a binder to the pigment to create Acrylic paint. Acrylic’s versatility of being able to be used anywhere from delicate watercolor-like washes to super thick, heavy structural impasto techniques makes it a popular choice with many artists and institutions. Acrylic mediums exist that can manage any technique you can dream up, still without the need for chemicals and solvents to thin paint or clean up after working. Quick drying and waterproof, mistakes can be painted over during the same painting period and the piece can be worked on again the same day. Jerry’s free art lessons that feature acrylics feature popular professional artists who specialize in acrylic works, teaching techniques, tricks, and tips unique to this amazing medium!

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