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Pen and Ink

Pen and ink is an ancient art medium that began most likely as hand lettering, with historical speculation holding reed pens as being used as far back as the First Dynasty (about 3000 BC). The process of making in was developed in China at around the same time, composed as a ground mixture of fine soot, carbon, or burned bone combined with water and hide glue as a binder. Today, the medium of pen and ink as is varied as one’s imagination, with technical pens, disposable pens, dip pens and nibs, traditional reed or bamboo pens, brushes; and inks now available in all colors and types from watercolor to acrylic-based, to traditional India Ink. Browse Jerry’s online resource for free art lessons that deal with everything from traditional reed pen and ink to cartooning, traditional brush and ink, and even pen with wash exercises. Broaden your horizons and learn new technique and styles from the relaxation of your own home or studio!