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Jerry's Is The Professionals Source For Plein Air, Outdoor and Travel Supplies

Travel & Outdoor Painting Specials


Cappelletto Sonia Premium Folding Field Easel

This Premium Sketching Easel Is The Popular Choice For Lightweight Outdoor Painting!

SoHo Urban Artist Lightweight Mahogany French Easel

Less Than 9lbs, 30% Lighter Than Other French Easels

Valerri Lightweight Adjustable Travel Easel

Fully adjustable and made for all styles of painting especially plein-air

Soho Plein Air Aluminum Lightweight Easel

Lightweight aluminum compact easel - your go to easel for painting outdoors

Paris Deluxe French Easel

French Veneer Front And Back Panel For A Luxurious Parisian Appearance

Jullian Escort French Easel with Dan Helsel Easel Palette Box

Now keep all of your paints and accessories in one place

Traveling Monet French Easel

A French Easel on Wheels! The perfect solution for artists on-the-go

SoHo Urban Artist Aluminum Field Easel

Ultra-lightweight field easel

Beauport Large Format Outdoor Easel

Finally there is an easel sturdy enough to let you paint large on any terrain, even in windy conditions

SoHo Urban Artist Watercolor Field Easel

Ultra-lightweight aluminum field easel for watercolorists

SoHo Scout Pochade Box

The Perfect Plein Air Painting Solution! An Infinite Range Of Painting Angles

SoHo Plein Aire Pochade Box Easel

Fully Adjustable For A Wide Variation Of Painting Angles

SoHo Urban Artist UV Sunscreen Umbrella

Canopy to block direct sunlight and filter out UV rays while providing plenty of light to your palette and painting

Deluxe Outdoor Adjustable Painting Umbrella By Jerry's

Adjustable Angle Umbrella Especially For Artists! Keep The Harsh Sun At Bay

Creative Mark Universal Umbrella Pole

Eliminates The Need To Attach Umbrellas To Easels Or Chairs!

Creative Mark Plein Air Paintbox

This paintbox will attach to the St Paul Field Easel, Rexy Field Easel, and the Soho Urban Artist Watercolor Field Easel

SoHo Tripod Easel Polyester Stone Bag

provide a counterweight for additional stability when working with a tripod

Aqua Tote Travel Water Bags

Folds, re-useable and durable! Just add water, holds brushes too

Creative Mark Table Studio Drawing Board Chair

Draw, sketch and paint whenever and wherever you want

Creative Mark Canvas Print Racks

Ample storage that is convenient and lightweight! A Jerry's best seller

SoHo Grey Toned Disposable Paper Palette

The disposable palette pad that is perfect for use en plein air

ArtComber Portable Chair

Makes transporting supplies easy - holds full size french easels


Deluxe Watercolor Set of 36 (w/ Aquastroke-Go Brushes, Reflexions Journal)

Complete Watercolor Painting Sets Perfect For Studio Work And Plein Air Painting

Koi Watercolor Travel Value Set

We've gathered together some convenient watercolor sets with everything you need to get started painting

Watercolor Half-Pan Gift Set

wonderful 29 Piece Set

SoHo Boat Bag Watercolor Pan Set

Everything you need to start painting with watercolor pans

SoHo Boat Bag Watercolor Tube Set

A set for the slightly more advanced watercolor painter who uses tubes instead of pans

SoHo Boat Bag Watercolors Basics Set

All You Need To Take Your Art Anywhere!


Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Hair Watercolor Brushes

Animal-friendly, synthetic hair brushes with amazing color capacity

Mimik Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Brushes and Sets

Elite professional brushes - The best synthetic you will ever use

Mimik Kolinsky Sable Mini Deluxe Travel Set

The Finest Animal Friendly Brushes On The Planet! Perfect For Watercolor Artists Who Travel

Berlin & Mimik Kolinsky Short Handle Mixed Brush Set

Berlin Synthetic Bristle and Mimik Kolinsky brushes is the perfect set for your studio or on the go.

Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist Brush Set

Every watercolorist should own rhapsody brushes - So responsive it makes painting a breeze

Beste Finest Golden Taklon Hair Brushes

World class brushes featuring golden taklon, the bristles that bounce back every time

Danube Professional Watercolor Quill Brushes

Superb professional brushes for all techniques

Scrubber Watercolor Brushes

The watercolor brushes that let you scrub, blot and rework! Easily erase mistakes, re-Shape edges and more

Scrubber Watercolor Brush Set

The watercolor brushes that lets you scrub, blot, and rework, available in sets of 3 and 7

Pro Stroke Red Sable Brushes

Crafted from Kolinsky-grade pure red sable hair, these brushes impart a soft feel, good natural spring, and hold a generous amount of color

Silver Brush Black Velvet Watercolor Brushes

Specially designed combination of pure natural squirrel hair and a black synthetic hair blend

Ebony Splendor Teijin Multi-Filament Hair Long-Handled Brushes

Fully Adjustable For A Wide Variation Of Painting Angles

Creative Mark Try Me Brush Sets

Top selling high quality brushes - Available in sets perfectly suited for watercolors

Mimik Kolinsky Sword Liners Brushes

State Of The Art Synthetic Sword Liners

Jewel Plein Aire Long Handle Bristle Brushes

Originally developed for Plein Aire painters, these brushes are wonderful tools for portrait and still life artists as well

Colorburst 2" Wash Brush

The Colorburst‚Ñ¢ brush is perfect for creating vibrant washes on virtually any size watercolor surface

Aquastroke-Go Watercolor Brushes

Travel-friendly ergonomic water brush pens

Aquastroke Watercolor Brush Pens

Aquastroke brush pens are easy to use and clean up is a breeze! The painting & water brush

Creative Mark AquaLift Artist Sponges

Lifts Watercolor, Graphite And Color Like A Charm!

Mimik Synthetic Watercolor Pocket Bush Set of 5

Animal-Friendly, Synthetic Hair Brushes With Amazing Color Capacity!


Rembrandt Extra Fine Artists' Watercolor Paints

Rembrandt Artists Watercolors - Very Pure And Intense Colors!

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Half Pan Metal Box Sets

Handcrafted Hand Poured Professional Watercolor Half-Pans

Charvin Extra-Fine Artists' Acrylics

Charvin’s Extra-Fine Acrylics use only the finest traditional and modern pigments

Turner Concentrated Artists' Watercolors

Finest professional watercolors - Packed with pigment!

Van Gogh Watercolor Sets

Brilliant, Intense And Transparent, For The Serious Artist With An Eye For Quality

LUKAS Aquarell 1862 Artists' Watercolor Half & Whole Pan Sets

Sets of Germany's finest master quality watercolors

LUKAS Aquarell Studio Watercolor Sets

Sets Of Beautiful Studio Watercolors Perfect For Plein Aire Painting!

Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle Travel Sets

Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle travel watercolor sets offer freedom for painting on the go

Fan-Pan Artist Watercolors Set Of 42 Colors With Water Brush

The newest achievement in compact, portable media and allows artists to color anywhere and anytime

SoHo E-Z Lift Artist Watercolors Pan Set Of 36

Make Beautiful Watercolor Paintings Easily Anywhere!

Marie's Sketch And Go 18 Watercolor Half Pan Sets

Sketch and color with beautiful watercolors anywhere

Marie's Professional Half Pan Watercolor Set

Specially curated artist quality set that includes everything you need to create full works of art

Jerry's Petite Pan Watercolor Set

With 8 prime watercolor pans and a small brush, the Jerry's Petite Pan Watercolor Set can be taken anywhere for quick plein air painting

MaimeriBlu Superior Hand Made Watercolor Paints

Pure, simple, and extraordinarily transparent watercolors

LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors

Incomparable color intensity! A Jerry's exclusive!

Turner Acryl Gouache

Super concentrated artist acrylics - The MOST vibrant acrylics you can buy!

SoHo Urban Artist Colored Pencils

Elite brand of colored pencils with less wax and more pigment for more brilliant finished art

Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels

Deluxe handmade, hand rolled artists' soft pastels

Charvin Water-Soluble Pastel Painting Sticks

Create a painterly effect! Water-soluble pastel painting sticks

Charvin Extra Fine Oil Colors

Luxury artist oils from the French Riviera, perfect for plein air painting!

Acurit Waterproof Technical Pens

Professional waterproof technical pens filled with rich, black ink!

Jerry's Jumbo Jet Black Pencil

Artist grade oil impregnated jumbo charcoal pencils that lay down extra thick color!

Raffine Colored Pencil Sets

Raffine is a pencil line that allows for reliable and consistent results

Cezanne Premium Watercolor Pencil Sets

Create Beautiful Watercolors With The Precision Of Water-Soluble Colored Pencils!


Strathmore 300 Series 140lb. Watercolor Pads

Economical, heavy weight student-grade paper best suited for beginning watercolorists or for experimentation and perfecting techniques

Fabriano Artistico Extra & Traditional White Watercolor Blocks

Master quality papers that will stand the test of time

Yupo Multimedia Watercolor Paper & Pads

The world's first erasable watercolor paper

Grumbacher Watercolor In & Out Pads

Patent pending "In & Out" pages that allow for you to easily remove the sheets from the pad for painting, reworking, scanning, and more

Canson XL Watercolor Pads

Durable watercolor paper designed to stand up to repeated washes and all sorts of artistic experimentation

Reflexions Watercolor Journals

Acid free paper with a clean white appearance for beautiful results

Reflexions Aqua Multimedia Journals

Multimedia Journals Featuring Standard Sizes For Easy Framing!

Fluid Easy-Block Watercolor Paper Blocks

Economical, heavy weight student-grade paper best suited for beginning watercolorists or for experimentation and perfecting techniques

Arches Watercolor Blocks

Convenient Blocks Of Quality, Pre-Stretched, 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper!

Arches Pads And Field Books

These high-quality pads feature 12 sheets of 140 lb Cold Pressed paper

Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Large Sheet Packs

Master-quality papers that will stand the test of time

Jerry's Colossal Deluxe Sketchpads

Great tooth paper for heavy duty sketches

Stonehenge Aqua Watercolor Paper Blocks and Sheets

Stonehenge Aqua is everything an expensive paper is without the expense

Arches 100% Rag Watercolor Paper Natural White

Mould-made in France, 100% cotton rag watercolor paper is considered the most popular in the world

Arches 100% Rag Watercolor Paper Bright White

Mould-made in France, 100% cotton rag watercolor paper is considered the most popular in the world

Fluid 100 Professional Watercolor Paper Sheets, Blocks & Pochettes

Made with milling techniques used by the old European masters coupled with modern technology

Reflexions Premier Watercolor Postcard Tin

Create Postcards To Share With Friends And Family!

SMOOSH Art Turner Acryl Gouache Sets

SMOOSH Your Stress Away!

SMOOSH Art Marie's Watercolor Set

SMOOSH Your Stress Away!


Crescent Watercolor Art Boards

Pre-mounted extra thick heavy weight watercolor boards

Creative Mark Butterfly Plein Air Painting Panels

Ultra-lightweight, double-sided plein air panels perfect for travel!

Creative Mark Pissarro Plein Air Painting Panels

Sturdy, lightweight oil primed linen panels for plein air painting!

Paramount ProTones Canvas Panels

4 non reflective colors, perfect en plein aire or indoors

SoHo Urban Artist Cotton Canvas Panel 3-Packs

State-of-the-art C-bond core cotton canvas panels

SoHo Urban Artist Trading Cards

2.3mm thick cards measuring 2.5x3.5"

Yes! All Media Cotton Canvas Panels

The Best multi-media panels! Superb portrait smooth that accepts every wet media

Senso Clear Primed Linen All Media Panels

Incredibly versatile Multi-Media Panels, perfect for trying out new media

Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Small Sheet Packs

Master-quality papers that stand the test of time - In small packs!

Jerry's Lightweight Watercolor Boards - Gatorfoam Board

Extra sturdy lightweight boards! Clean, flat smooth surface


Darwin Stain Resistant Nano-Material Palettes

The Evolution Palettes - Won't Warp Or Stain! Space Age Nano-Material!

Creative Mark Double Flower Palette

2 piece, watercolor palette by Creative Mark features 14 color wells; both palettes include 6 outer wells and a central well that could be used as a water basin

Creative Mark Canvas Pins

The easiest way to dry canvases during plein air!

French Easel Leg Spikes

These durable steel leg spikes are the ideal solution when stability is key

Jerry's Artarama Mesh Zipper Bags

Protect, carry and organize art supplies

Da Vinci Air-Tight Brush Washer

500ml capacity stainless steel brush cleaner & washer

SoHo Artist Studio Cleaner & Paint Remover

Clean up oil, acrylic and other paints with these non-toxic and biodegradable studio cleaner & paint remover wipes

Double-Take Palette System

Made specifically for fluid acrylics, watercolors and inks

Acryl-a-Miser Air-Tight Palette System

This amazing palette lets you store up to 21 colors in fairly large volume and take them with you in the field, classroom, and on vacations

Butcher's Tray Palettes

Use with oil colors, acrylics, alkyds, or even as a fantastic wash basin for watercolors

Jerry's Brush Washer and Basin

The ultimate painting accessory: palette, basin, brush rest, and washer in one

Jullian Wet Canvas & Panel Carrier

Protect your wet paintings during transport, holds up to 4 stretched canvases or 8 panels

SoHo Tripod Easel Polyester Stone Bag

provide a counterweight for additional stability when working with a tripod

Aqua Tote Travel Water Bags

Folds, re-useable and durable! Just add water, holds brushes too

Creative Mark Universal Umbrella Pole

Eliminates The Need To Attach Umbrellas To Easels Or Chairs!

Creativo+ Art Messenger Bags

A vast assortment of spaces to store many different kinds of gear as well as presentation materials


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