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The term “mediums” in art can denote several meanings. A medium is typically the classification of a type of art supply application, like oil, acrylics, watercolor, drawing, etc. A painting medium is an additive vehicle that gives the paint (of any variety) specific working qualities that change it from the tube consistency. The medium may thin the paint (like linseed oil in oils), thicken it (like heavy gel in acrylics), give it a difference in sheen (matte or gloss gel in acrylics), make the paint absorb better (like ox gall in watercolors), etc. Mediums are the workhorse of painting, as they control the paint film to help you accomplish whatever techniques you desire. In this Jerry’s free art lesson category, learn what different mediums are for in your painting medium of choice. You may solve a working issue you have been facing, find a new favorite medium, or more!