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Part 2: How To Draw an Eye with Watercolors Suzanna Winton Art Lesson

Suzanna Winton
How To Draw an Eye with Watercolors: Part 2 with Suzanna Winton


In this exciting free art lesson, watercolor portrait artist Suzanna Winton demonstrates how to paint an eye using Winsor and Newton watercolors! Follow along in this three part series as she begins by layering colors using round sable brushes, and finishes by adding details to create a realistic painting of a young girls eye. This series is full of excellent tips for any artist looking to try portrait painting! Part 2 of 3.

Category: Painting
Skill Level: Advanced, Professional
Medium: Watercolors
Subject: Portrait, Eye
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About Suzanna Winton

For more than 18 years Suzanna Winton has captured the essence of the human soul through her watercolor portraits. She is the recipient of over 30 awards and has been featured in many national publications. These publications include Splash 6, The Artist's Magazine, American Artist, Watercolor Magic, Watercolor Basics, and Watercolor Artist's. The staff of The Artist's Magazine lists her as "an artist on the rise and one of 20 artists who we believe are destined to be master painters of th...

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