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How To Start A Painting and Find A Subject | Video Art Lessons

Ed Labadie
Creating From Chaos: Starting A Painting and Finding A Subject with Ed Labadie


If youre interested in painting but unsure of where to begin, let professional artist Ed Labadie be your guide. In this free art lesson, Ed explains how to start a painting and find your subject matter.

Category: Painting
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Medium: Watercolors
Subject: How to Start A Painting
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About Ed Labadie

Ed Labadie's current creations combine color, contrast, dynamic composition, and abstraction to entice the eye and intrigue the mind. Geometric shapes pull viewers into paintings initially, and further study rewards them with hidden subject matter coupled with a sense of discovery. Equally comfortable in both watercolor and oil, Labadie uses each medium to its maximum. Labadie's works are notable for their vibrant colors, creating memorable impressions with viewers, elevating his art from ...

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