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A Comparison of Synthetic and Natural Hair Brushes | Video Art Lessons

Mike Goldstein
A Comparison of Synthetic and Natural Hair Brushes with Mike Goldstein


In this free art lesson, Michael Goldstein will compare the benefits and drawbacks of using a synthetic brush versus a one with natural hair. He explains that while synthetic brushes have a plastic coating that repels the paint, natural hair will absorb the paint and give greater overall coverage. For any artist agonizing over what brush to try, this tutorial is for you!

Category: Studio Tools
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Medium: Brushes
Subject: Tools, Brushes, Comparisons, Natural vs. Synthetic
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About Mike Goldstein

Mikey G has been involved in art his entire life. Self described as a "student of all arts," Mikey has a special appreciation for everything creative. Starting at a young age, Mikey began taking art classes, and quickly fell in love with it. Over the years, he expanded his love of the arts to the fields of theater, cooking, music, writing, and photography. Quotations / Artists Statements: "Everything I have learned from each area of the arts work in synergy. Learning to take the elements o...

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