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How To Use Both Ends Of the Brush in Acrylics | Video Art Lessons

Allen Montague
Both Ends Of the Brush in Acrylics with Allen Montague


When you find yourself trying to erase or take color away from your art, remember this quick and simple trick! In this Free Art Lesson from Reel Art Academy, Allen shows you how to work with the other side of your brush to remove or move around the paint to get this realistic effect. Using your Reel Art Academy Set for Allen Montague, you’ll have everything you need to learn and paint along!

Category: Painting
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Medium: Acrylics
Subject: Tools, Brushes
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About Allen Montague

If you haven’t followed Allen Montagues career, you may not know that this Raleigh resident and North Carolina native is an accomplished inventor, speaker, gourmet chef, TV host, writer, fine art painter and teacher. His work can be found in galleries and private collections from coast to coast. Early in his career he was represented by, and catalogued in the International Art Auction House of Sothebys in New York. He then went on to open galleries and publish hundreds of open-edition and ...

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