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How To Varnish Hand-Painted Ornaments | Video Art Lessons

Patty Chamberlain
Varnishing Your Ball in Crafts with Patty Chamberlain


Using a quick drying varnish, Patty Chamberlain shows you how to give your ornament a sheen!

Category: Crafts
Skill Level:
Medium: Acrylics
Subject: Varnishing Christmas Balls
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About Patty Chamberlain

Patty Chamberlain is from Greensboro, North Carolina. Painting is her passion, she enjoys painting just about everything but Christmas balls and fish are her absolute favorite! She began painting Christmas balls 20 years ago when she was attempting to sell them at the market. They were such a huge hit that she has been painting her signature blue Christmas balls for years! Most of her sales are from word of mouth and the Christmas balls can look exactly how you would like them to look. She...

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