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How To Draw Non-Floating Objects - Video Tutorial

Kerin McBride
Non-Floating Objects by Drawing with Kerin McBride


How To Draw Non-Floating Objects - Video Tutorial - Join professional artist Kerin McBride for an exciting Free Video Art Lesson discussing how to make non-floating objects appear grounded.

Category: Drawing
Skill Level: Beginner
Medium: Charcoal
Subject: Grounding Objects
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About Kerin McBride

My primary interest is in exploring the use of color and the different ways color can create mood and drama. I tend to focus the most on landscapes because they seem to bring out a range of emotions in people and can often convey a sense of mystery, community and solitude. I like to work with unnatural colors and semi-abstract shapes because the combination pushes the viewer to look at the world around them in new ways. I've heard it said that art should evoke emotion in the viewer and my ...

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