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SoHo Urban Artist AcrylicReally Complete Painting Set of 24 - 21ml tubes
Happy HoliYay
Jerry's Exclusive!
item# 86458
LUKAS CRYL StudioSouthwest Landscape Set of 17 - 250ml Tubes + 1 Free White
Happy HoliYay
Water-mixable, quick-drying, easily cleaned up with soap and water
item# 91450
AmsterdamAcrylic Ink Set of 6 - 30ml Tubes & 8x8 Mix Media Pad
Happy HoliYay
more concentrated than most acrylics, with a beautiful velvety matte finish
item# V27538A
Creative InspirationsColor Acrylic Box Value Set of 30 - 120ml Tubes
Happy HoliYay
Smooth consistency with Great coverage & Can be thinned with water
item# 89976
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SoHo Urban ArtistOil Color Landscape Set of 18 - 50ml Tubes & Mezzo Straight Rack #2
Happy HoliYay
Buttery consistency for smooth application of color, Perfect for use with brushes or palette knives
item# 91447A
LUKAS StudioOil Color Landscape Set of 17 - 37ml Tubes & Mezzo Straight Rack #2
Happy HoliYay
Exclusive blend of linseed oil, sunflower oil, and beeswax
item# 32609
LUKAS 1862160 Year Anniversary Masters Set of 10 - 37ml Tubes
Happy HoliYay
Incomparable color intensity, highly pigmented & Dry to the touch usually in 2 to 4 days
item# V38911
Bob Ross16 Piece Master Oil Paint Set with 8 - 37ml tubes plus DVD
Happy HoliYay
Learn The Wet-On-Wet Oil Painting Technique With Bob Ross & his 60 minute instructional DVD
item# 32609
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ReflexionsDeluxe Watercolor Set of 36 - whole pan with Brushes & Journal
Happy HoliYay
complete sets to get started or further your watercolor techniques
item# 89854A
Marie'sProfessional Watercolor Set of 5 with Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Pocket Brush
Happy HoliYay
Highly pigmented lightfast and permanent watercolors
item# 90497A
TurnerUltimate Watercolor Painting Set with Arches Watercolor Block & Brush Set of 4
Happy HoliYay
Highly concentrated Finest pure pigments with No fillers added
item# V19240A
FabrianoDynamic Lukas Studio Watercolor Sketching Duo Set - half pan
Happy HoliYay
Watercolor Painting Sets Perfect For Studio Work And Plein Air Painting
item# 59150A
CLICK HERE For Great Gifts on Drawing & Sketching Sets »
CezanneWatercolor Pencil Travel Set 1 with journal & brushes
Happy HoliYay
Create Beautiful Watercolor Art with these Water-Soluble Colored Pencils
item# 90153B
Prismacolor PremierColored Pencil Super Value 5 Piece Set
Happy HoliYay
thick, soft leads containing brilliant permanent pigment
item# V06559A
Raffiné 400 Series Sketch Pad & Raffine 36ct. Colored Pencil Set
Happy HoliYay
Perfect for Blending and shading Color mixing and highlighting
item# 90412
Creative Mark TaoBamboo Table Easel 5 piece Sketching Set
Happy HoliYay
Lightweight & sturdy table easel thats Fits easily into backpacks or tote bags
item# 88683A
CLICK HERE For Great Gifts on Framing Your Masterpiece »
CardinaliRenewal Core Floater Frames
Happy HoliYay
Create the "floating canvas" with ease. Includes all hardware for assembly
MuseumCollection Plein Aire Frames
Happy HoliYay
High end, professional quality frames that add prestige to any piece of art
GothamWhite Deep Gallery Frames
Happy HoliYay
sleek, gallery-quality deep frames suited for heavy duty canvases up to 1" deep
CardinaliPlein Aire Frames
Happy HoliYay
Great for all art, from traditional landscapes and portraits to modern abstract paintings
CLICK HERE For Great Gifts on Easels & Artist Studio Accessories »
Saint RemyMulti-Angle PRO Studio Easel
Happy HoliYay
Painting pictures as tall as 82" high or two canvases side by side
item# 85709
CappellettoAngelica Premium Studio H-Frame Easel
Happy HoliYay
Supports canvases as large as 53" high & Folds up flat for storage
item# V13321
Mezzo®Paint & Brush Racks, Set of 3
Happy HoliYay
organize your paints and brushes making it easy to grab what you need
item# 90348
HG Art ConceptsArtist Storage 4-Drawer Chest
Happy HoliYay
A compact Sturdy and decorative way to store your paints and brushes
item# 90405
CLICK HERE For Great Gifts SmooshArt Sets »
Turner Acryl GouacheSMOOSH Art Acryl Gouache Sets
Happy HoliYay
Soho Urban ArtistSMOOSH Art Acrylics Sets
Happy HoliYay
Marie's ProfessionalSMOOSH Art Watercolor Sets
Happy HoliYay
Creative InspirationsSMOOSH Art Acrylic Sets
Happy HoliYay
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