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Jillian Goldberg

Color Negative Spaces in Soft Pastels With Jillian Goldberg


Join professional artist Jillian Goldberg for an exciting Free Video Art Lesson demonstrating her method for how to add color to negative spaces!

Category: Painting
Skill Level: Beginner
Medium: Pastels
Subject: Negative Space
Canson Pad Classic Drawing 14x17 Item #:49677
Name: Canson Pad Classic Drawing 14x17"
In Stock
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Sharpie Marker Black Fine Point Marker Item #:46934
Name: Marker Fine Point
In Stock
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Rembrandt Soft Pastels Cardboard Box Set of 30 Full Sticks - Assorted Colors Item #:10651
Name: Soft Pastels Cardboard Box (Set of 30)
In Stock
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  • Set of 30, Assorted

    • White 100.5
    • Lemon Yellow 205.5
    • Lemon Yellow 205.8
    • Light Yellow 201.5
    • Deep Yellow 202.5
    • Orange 235.9
    • Light Orange 236.5
    • Permanent Red 372.5
    • Madder Lake Deep 331.5
    • Red Violet 545.5
    • Blue Violet 548.5
    • Ultramarine Deep 506.7
    • Ultramarine Deep 506.5
    • Prussian Blue 663.7
    • Phthalo Blue 570.7
    • Bluish Green 640.7
    • Permanent Green Deep 619.5
    • Cinnabar Green Deep 627.5
    • Cinnabar Green Light 626.7
    • Permanent Yellow Green 633.5
    • Olive Green 620.7
    • Olive Green 620.3
    • Yellow Ochre 227.5
    • Burnt Sienna 411.5
    • Light Oxide Red 339.7
    • Burnt Umber 409.5
    • Raw Umber 408.7
    • Green Gray 709.7
    • Gray 704.8
    • Black 700.5
Jillian Goldberg - Video Art Lessons Item #:V02578
Name: "Drawing: For Beginners of All Ages" DVD
In Stock
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About Jillian Goldberg

Artist's Bio: Born and raised in Cape Town South Africa, Jillian Goldberg attended Michaelis School of Art at the University of Cape Town. She studied art education under Stephen De Villiers and taught private and public school art for children for over thirty years. Jillian founded the Gifted and Talented Development Center of Charlotte, North Carolina in 1986. Through innovative summer camps, art schools and outbound arts programming in the Charlotte and Triangle NC areas, the Center ser...

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