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How to Block In A Still Life in Oils | Video Art Lessons

Judy Crane
Blocking In Still Life in Oils with Judy Crane


Whether you are painting a landscape or a still life, try to map out your painting and place objects in an interesting way. By overlapping shapes, adding shadows, and creating a variety of placement, you can add so much more depth and interest in all of your paintings. This Free Art Lesson concentrates on simple still life subject matter, but you can learn more techniques from Judy Crane’s DVDs. Grab your Starter Set and paint with Judy today!

Category: Painting
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Medium: Oils
Subject: Blocking In
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About Judy Crane

My work represents my view of the world as I choose to see it. I am fascinated with the play of light in nature, and in man's created environment, ever changing and refocusing one's attention. I strive to capture this fleeting reality in my work, and to impart my emotional reaction to it. In recent years I have concentrated on landscape painting in oil. I have traveled and painted on location in France, Italy, Spain, and several areas of the US. I do small works on site, recording the esse...

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