My Creative Process from The Me Nobody Knows (TMNK)

Salt and Pepper

Mixed Media on Masonite

I was asked recently about my creative process as though I had some formula for coming up with my paintings. For me, each painting is a unique journey, a planned, yet unexpected accident. I knew where I was trying to go, but how did I end up here? The only thing I know for certain is, if you are to get anywhere at all you must begin walking in that direction.

And so it is with the art I create. I seldom have a picture in my mind of what the final painting will look like. I merely have the seeds of a thought, an idea, and an emotion that I allow to consume me. One thought leads to another, and another. And so it is I begin my journey; my slow deliberate walk somewhere, yet never knowing quite exactly where. I simply begin. Sometimes I work from sketches in my notebooks, yet the finish works seldom look anything like the sketches. Sometimes I simply begin building layers of textures and colors, until something in my mind says stop, enough. And there are yet other times when an unwritten poem in my mind, becomes a painting; where words are translated into visual hieroglyphics.

Today I stare at empty canvases, scattered scraps of paper, paints and brushes and again I begin that maddening conversation, the one that begins with me daring to call myself an artist. No set formula, just an urge to create something that wasn’t before. Perhaps today’s journey, today’s walk in the urban jungle of my mind will lead to a beautiful discovery. Or perhaps, like many days, I will find myself staring at a wall lost.

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