Lifelike Oil Paint For Expressing the World Around You

Better Oils, Better Results! Charvin Fine Artists’ Oil Paints are an Elite Artists’ Oil From The French Riviera. One Of The Most Honored And Time Tested Recipes For Oil Color Production, Charvin Fine Artists’ Oils use some of the oldest recipes still in use!

Based on over 175 years of experience, Charvin has created a high quality elite oil paint at an extremely reasonable price point.

Charvin Fine Artists’ Oil Paints use a combination of the finest in traditional and modern pigments, bound with a blend of linseed and non-yellowing poppy oils, for a smooth, creamy consistency and vibrant color.

These recipes are the same today used to make oil paints as they were for artists since 1830.


How and Why! Dedication To Detail and Hands On

Made primarily with poppy oil for a brilliance, richness and creaminess without comparison

The color makers at Charvin expertly and slowly produce the oil color much in the same way that wine makers insure that the product will have a true character and lovely finish.

It is this dedication to detail and the hands-on approach by the owners that makes these oil colors one of the world’s great art supplies treasures. One Of The Most Honored And Time Tested Recipes For Oil Color Production. 


Only the very finest pigments are selected for making Charvin Fine Artists’ colors

With a wide range of 144 balanced and luminous colors all available in generous 150ml tubes, Charvin Fine Artists’ Oil Paints are perfect for any application from glazing to alla prima, still life to abstract, and the lifelike colors are especially suited to plein aire painting.

For vibrant color and smooth creamy consistency, try them today and discover for yourself like many artists have,  the world’s first luxury range of artists’ oil paints at the best possible prices!

Use only the best!

Charvin Fine Artists’ Oil Paints
Charvin Extra-Fine Professional Oil Painting Sets

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