Artist Rich Pellegrino – Why I Use Turner Acryl Gouache

Artist Rich Pellegrino

About Rich Pellegrino

Rich Pellegrino’s work is inspired by memories and interpersonal relationships. His figurative paintings are filled with allegory, questioning the authenticity of human experience. He is an award winning illustrator, globally collected fine artist, and a full-time Illustration teacher at New Hampshire Institute of Art. His work can be found in children’s books, magazines, and film. In 2014, he was commissioned by Wes Anderson to create a painting used in the Oscar winning movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. In 2017 his editorial portrait illustration for Planet Rock was awarded the Bronze medal by the Society of Illustrators West 56. He is recognized by Spectrum 22 and 24, Richmond Illustrators Club 2012, and CMYK 37.

“Why I like Turner Paint… It’s high pigment content and easy spreadability makes painting intuitive and very enjoyable”

As an expressive painter with a background in all forms of traditional wet media, I enjoy using multiple forms of paint application in my work from highly textured palette knife marks to thin glaze washes. I prefer to paint on gessoed Masonite, but also have used heavy watercolor paper and illustration board. I have not seen any discrepancy between the surfaces outside of how the brush reacts.I would encourage any traditional media artist to try Turner Acryl Gouache to see the diversity this paint provides!

Artwork by Rich Pellegrino

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