Professional Painter Michelle Courier & Artwork Spotlight

Professional Painter Michelle Courier in The Spotlight

Artist Michelle Courier has been painting with acrylics since she started painting in college at the University of Michigan.  “ I was the ONLY student using acrylics then and I was determined to use them against my instructors wishes” said Michelle. I have used many different brands of acrylics throughout my professional career, and came across the Charvin Acrylics line at Jerry’s online at Jerry’s Artarama and decided to try a few. 

Michelle Courier Paints with Charvin Acrylics
Michelle Courier painting with Charvin Acrylics

After using the beautiful, richly hued paints I bought the entire acrylic line!  The pigment in the paint is incredibly rich and lush!  The hues are unique and I am able to use them directly from the tube without mixing the colors as much. This makes it much easier if I need to repaint an area later on that might need touching up. The blues and greens are just absolutely beautiful to paint water with!  The richness of the pigment is incredible! Charvin Acrylics makes my paintings more beautiful for sure!

Painting with Charvin Acrylics, Seascape Painting

Michelle has paintings displayed worldwide in many private and public collections and is represented by many galleries in the US including Art Obsessions in Truckee, CA, the Freed Gallery in Lincoln City, OR, and the C2C Gallery in Grand Haven, MI.

See more of Michelle’s paintings using Charvin Acrylics below.

Water, 30×30″, acrylic by Michelle Courier 

Lake Tahoe by Michelle Courier, 36×36″ acrylic

For more on Michelle Courier and her amazing works of art see: Professional Artist Michelle Courier Reviews Charvin Acrylics

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