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Artist 0073.UV Review of Turner Watercolors

Artist 0073.UV is a watercolorist and illustrator creating on-trend portraiture in a vivid contemporary pop art palette. Inspired by manga and vaporwave style, 0073.UV regularly posts her work on Instagram and engages daily with her large follower base to educate them about watercolor painting. She creates reproduction prints, holographic prints and stickers of her originals to delight her fans, available in her online shop.

I have no name because….

“As a child, I was abruptly transplanted from one country to another, and the only sense of home I found was on the internet. YouTube videos were my art school, and Instagram is my gallery.

“My artwork is as much of a child of the internet as I am. As such, I paint the kind of youthful, moody It girls (and occasional It cat) that draw our eyes while scrolling our never-ending social media feeds.

Consequently, I also find myself documenting through my artwork the fashion and makeup trends that come and go faster than ever with the help of social media. I have no name because my anonymity has become my identity in an age where one has to both share everything and nothing in order to be relatable.”

0073.UV Review of Turner Professional Watercolors

0073.UV frequently uses Turner Professional Artists’ Watercolors, found exclusively in North America at Jerry’s Artarama. She loves the versatile color range, the vivid pigmentation, and the excellent price point of Turner’s professional watercolors.

0073.UV billie eilish painted with turner watercolors
Bad Guy

Paints Used: Turner Professional Watercolors

Brushes Used: Mimik Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Short Handle Brushes

Turner Watercolors are one of the most affordable brands not talked about enough!

My audience consists of many amateur artists and hobbyists, and young ones at that, so I’m always on the lookout for professional quality watercolor paints at an affordable price that I can recommend. I was a beginner myself not too long ago, and having quality paints enhances and facilitates the learning process. Turner Watercolors are one of the most affordable brands not talked about enough, offering an impressive range of vivid colors and many single pigments shades, some of which can be hard to find in commercial brands.

The price point not only offers beginners a way to try professional watercolors, but it also allows for professional artists on a budget to try trendy new shades and expand their color palettes.

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Artist UV.0073 Night Blooming Jasmine turner watercolors
Night Blooming Jasmine

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