Artist Casey Langteau Johnson, Making a House Feel Like a Home


Artist Casey Langteau Johnson has been painting her entire life. She earned her degree in Painting and Drawing from Louisiana State University. Her primary inspiration comes from the natural beauty of her home, New Orleans, Louisiana. However, Casey constantly searches for new ideas abroad, trying to spend as much time as she can in different parts of the world.

Casey is known for creating large statement pieces for homes in blues, neutrals, and metallics. She uses palette knives to obtain thick, touchable texture with acrylics and gel mediums. She uses this impasto technique to describe coastal creatures in an abstract impressionist style. She exaggerates her subjects to remind the viewer of the immense amount of beauty around them.

Casey hopes that her calming artwork inspires the viewer to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.

It’s hard to turn off the immense distractions of everyday life to see how inspiring the world can be, but her hung artwork can be a practical and timely way to enjoy it. Casey’s paintings have been brightening homes and lifting days since October 2015.

She strives to continue making a house feel like a home full of charm with her southern artwork.

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