Soho Oil Paint Review by Artist David Kofton


For years, I have been addressed as a most prolific artist. I am not sure if I fit that mold, but I do push out a lot of paint, words, pastels, graphite and sculpture.

Yes, it has not been unusual for me to push out 150-200 pieces a year. Many have said, “Slow down.”


Many have said, “Why not stop and enjoy?” I DO NOT. I cannot. “Why?” is a question that is not relevant to my artistic way of being, which constantly seeks to capture and construct new thoughts and impressions. I would say, “I am the voyeur, the unseen narrating with paint.”


I sold my first painting at age 15. I have painted, drawn, sculpted, and written words ever since. After studying at the Massachusetts College of Art, I graduated with a B.S.E. and a B.F.A. in 1967.

I taught painting and sculpture in upstate New York for several years before returning home to Deer Isle, Maine in 1972 to pursue my own artistic life. To this day, I still maintain a studio here.


My work with the female figure is well known but I push beyond the limits of definition to reveal the beauty in all my chosen subjects.

Today, my work is included in the private collections of the Fuller Art Museum in Brockton, MA; Museum de la Erotica in Barcelona, Spain; E.S. Museum in Miami, FL; and the Kinsey Institute in Indiana.

At the Kinsey, my work comprises the largest collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures of a living artist.

My work has been published in various magazines and books including “The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 2.”

Online I sell through and locally through the Pearson Legacy Gallery and Deer Isle Artist Association.


In my 73 years, I have never been rich nor have I been desperately poor. I have fought major battles inside and outside my body. For the past three years, Cancer has been the demon that tears not only at my physical body but my creative Self.

I have often thought that few artists pass with a new piece unfinished. Art shields me from my daemon by constantly have a piece of work in progress. With this since of urgency, when one piece is completed sometimes within an hour a new piece is begun.


I spend late nights sketching out ideas, listing plans for the morning, and writing.

I write about my pursuit to continue to produce Beauty through my health may constrict me. My kitchen table contains a small pile of loose pieces of scrap paper that contain scratches that belie entire plans for a new painting or sculpture.


I insist on and only entrust my creative work to good quality paint. As I work straight from the tube with no mediums, my oils must have a consistent viscosity and richness of hue.

Soho Oil Paints Review
I found this with Jerry’s Soho Artist Oil Paints. I have used Soho Artist Oil Paints for several years now. They are by far the best, if not the greatest oils, I have ever worked a canvas with For me, Jerry’s philosophy and products are a 100% match for my artistic needs and concerns for the best studio supplies.

Soho Oil Paint Review


Jerry’s has become a part of my artistic process and life.

When I call, I know there is a friend on the other end who will go to extremes to answer and address any need or concern I may have.

As we all know, the trust of good people makes the day so smoother and the art continue to flow.


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