Why I Love Lukas Berlin Water Mixable Oils Paints by Professional Artist Roseann Madia

Professional Artist Roseann Madia and Lukas Berlin

My name is Roseann Madia. I was born (in Chicago), with a crazy talent. pretty much, whatever I see, i can paint.. & then some. I never took a lesson. And, although I’ve been begged to teach on several occasions, and have only done so briefly, my methods are too unconventional and hard to teach, so i tend to back away from requests. I’ve had work on display at many gallery shows, establishments. . The Olde Chicago Inn here in town has themed rooms, featuring my paintings of different popular Chicago scenes. I also designed a line of surf/tropical inspired art and sterling jewelry for a surf shop in LaJolla CA
I’ve been given the most outrageous jobs (challenges!), and my challenges include 10 foot restaurant & church murals, stock cars, creations of logos.. one of them I painted onto a pool bottom, pics on trucks, boats, motorcycles.. and the list of ‘bizarre’ goes on. My work has been sold world wide.
I even started a Bon Jovi Art fan page that consists of over 5000 followers from a single painting I did, and when his fans witnessed me bring ‘Their Hero’ to life on canvas, they wanted more. I painted over 100 Bon Jovi portraits since 2014. (see link details below)

roseann-madia-artist-spotlight-bio-pictureOH, and btw, per my profile pic.. I paint my portraits using my fingers, including all my backgrounds.. in my opinion, the brush is just a tool that comes between me, and the canvas. But in its defense, I do have to use them when my fingers are too large for the details 🙂 It washes off my hands and the brushes, super easily with dish soap and water! 🙂 I love using LUKAS Berlin Oils!

Why I Love Lukas Berlin Water Mixable Oils Paints

I work with all mediums, from oils, acrylics, watercolors, to pencil to charcoal, but do most of my current work in water based oils, which I love because i work fast, (portraits usually take about 9 hours), so I appreciate the quick drying time of LUKAS Berlin Water Mixable Oils as well as not having to work with harsh chemicals to get amazing results.
I discovered “Jerry’s” on Face Book, and thought I’d give it a whirl.. I was looking for a good flesh tone because up to this point, i was mixing to achieve one, and found the ‘LUKAS Berlin Flesh Colour’.. the texture was smooth and creamy, and the tone was just perfect! i was able to highlight and shadow my subject’s skin tone perfectly. The price was excellent for a very large tube, so I am a very happy customer!

See some of my artwork Lukas Berlin Water Mixable Oils Paints

starry chicago small paintnig using lukas berlin oil paints



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