Professional Artist Michelle Courier Reviews Charvin Acrylics

Professional Artist Michelle Courier and Charvin Acrylics
Professional Artist Michelle Courier

As a professional artist I highly recommend that everyone USE Charvin Professional Acrylics!

“I started using Charvin acrylic paints five years ago when I decided to try them through Jerry’s Artarama. I was so taken with the beautiful hues of each tube that I purchased the entire line and promptly fell in love with the paints. You can’t beat the price for these quality paints. They should be much higher!”

The hues are so beautiful that I can use the paints directly without mixing although they do mix beautifully with other hues. The consistency of the paints is so smooth and velvety to the touch with my paint brush.”

mix beautifully with other hues
“mix beautifully with other hues”

About Michelle Courier

Owner of Westward Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Landscape artist BFA University of Michigan Internationally represented. Michelle Courier, a Michigan-based artist, goes on trips every year in her trusted van, Bessie. Setting off with about 40 paintings and a camera ready to capture the beautiful western United States landscape and later paint in her Studio back home.

“I want to catch these images while they are fresh in my mind, to get the color correct, to relive the Merced River or feel Lake Tahoe for awhile,” Courier says.

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