Watercolorist Marcelo Daldoce works wonders in watercolors!


Brazilian artist Marcelo Daldoce works wonders in watercolors!

Native to São Paulo, Brazil, Marcelo Daldoce moved to Miami in 2010 to pursue life as a full-time artist. While currently working out of his personal studio, the former Bakehouse Art Complex resident has focused his works with watercolor in wholly unique ways. Daldoce infuses the medium with contemporary vitality through his style and subjects. Largely self-taught, he began painting at the age of 16. Four years later, he resided at Núcleo de Arte, an art school in Brazil. Prior to focusing solely on his painting, Daldoce worked at design studios and ad agencies in Brazil for several years, including an illustration studio, MACACOLÂNDIA, that he founded with three partners.

“When painting with watercolor, I control very little of the process… I have learned that in order to express myself, I must allow the water to do the same.”

As Daldoce is a primarily self-taught painter, his unique style is not hampered by traditional conventions regarding the often-pigeonholed medium of professional watercolor paints. His works run the gamut from figure studies and landscapes to amazingly imaginative, complex designs that welcome the viewer into Daldoce’s own unique vision of the world.

Marcelo Daldoce, Out of the cage, professional watercolor paints

Recently, Daldoce has been breaking down the boundaries between the dimensions: transforming two dimensional paintings on paper into faceted gems that are meticulously sculpted to treat the eye from every possible angle.

“Bringing to life a flat surface, I strive to create a puzzle of what’s painted and what’s folded, what’s real and what’s illusion. Born naked of conceptions, day by day, year by year, we form intricate geometric masks that hide our true self, that conceal our complete being.”

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