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Tonya Hill

Transferring Images to a Linoleum Block in Printmaking With Tonya Hill


Learn how to properly transfer images to a linoleum block in this free online art video, with professional artist Tonya Hill.

Category: Printmaking
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Medium: Block Printing
Subject: Printmaking, Linoleum, Image Transfer
Speedball Speedy Carve 6×12 Item #:66551
Name: Speedy Carve 6×12"
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  • Speedball Speedy Carve 6×12"

    Created from an innovative eraser-like material, Speedball® Speedy-Carve™ Blocks provide you with a smooth carving experience without sacrificing the fine detail that can be achieved with traditional linoleum blocks. Available in five sizes and great for use with water-soluble or oil-based block printing inks, these blocks are the perfect fit for learner and expert printers! Speedy-Carve™ is flexible and durable and will not crack, crumble, or break. You can even transfer images from inkjet printers, clip art, and newspapers onto the Speedy-Carve™ block for easy image carving.

Tonya Hill - Video Art Lesson Item #:V02580
Name: "Screenprinting: Tools, Techniques and Methods" DVD
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About Tonya Hill

With a lifelong love of art, Tonya Hill studied art and education in college. As a business owner she has been marketing, selling and teaching art to children and adults for more than 15 years. Tonya helped develop award winning products while working as marketing and sales director for a major printmaking manufacturer. She has taught and demonstrated screenprinting, blockprinting and many other displines throughout the United States and Canada.

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