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2015 Mungyo Summer Pastel Contest

Beauty Shot Mungyo Pastels
Contest Prizes

Jerry's Gift Card Prizes for Contest WinnersJerry's Gift Card Prizes for Contest Winners
Enter by Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels
Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels are completely handmade, less binder is required to hold the pigment together, making for a much softer pastel with tremendous blending capabilities.

The pigments themselves are of superior quality, with the highest light fastness ratings, ensuring your artwork remains brilliant over time. As an added bonus, Gallery Handmade pastels match perfectly with Mungyo's line of Gallery Extra-Fine Soft Pastels — all 200 vibrant colors!

This opens up a world of layering possibilities by using the softer Handmade pastels over the somewhat harder, machine-made Extra-Fine pastels. Expand your pastel painting possibilities by harnessing the softness, brilliance, and blendability of new Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels — developed for professional pastel artists who want the absolute best!

Official Entry Form & Entry Procedures Up to two paintings may be entered per contestant, and each painting may be represented by two separate images. The required first image must show the painting in its entirety from the front. The optional second image should show a detail view of the work, such as a closeup of the paint texture or the focal point of the painting.
  • Please name each image with the painting title and artist name.
  • Works must be submitted as a digital image in JPG format only.
  • PowerPoint format is not accepted.
  • The image resolution should be no lower than 150 dpi and no higher than 300 dpi.
  • The file size should not exceed 6MB (megabytes).
  • You will receive e-mail confirmation once your work has been received.
We would love to get your recommendation. In the "Statement of Recommendation" box located on the contest entry form, please explain why you enjoyed using Gallery Soft Pastels and why you would recommend them to others.

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Eligibility DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: September 30, 2015 Open to all U.S. artists age 18 or older using any combination of Mungyo Gallery Artists' Soft Pastel Squares, Mungyo Gallery Artists' Soft Pastel Squares Sets or Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels or Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels Sets. Work must be original, executed in 2014-15 and not previously used by Jerry's Artarama for any of its marketing materials. Entry in this contest establishes an agreement on the part of the artist to all rules and conditions outlined in the official rules and entry form, and is a contract permitting Jerry's to exhibit entries selected by the judging committee. Substitutions for entries sold or otherwise committed before acceptance are not allowed.