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Everything Oils Super Sale Plus Buy One Get One FREE Brush Sale
Everything Oils Super Sale Plus Buy One Get One FREE Brush Sale
2016 Charvin Winter Contest Gallery of Winners Winners Gallery
1st Place: 'Uvas Canyon Waterfall' by Sandy Birkholzof State College, PA

First Place Winner

"Uvas Canyon Waterfall"
by Sandy Birkholz of Los Gatos, CA
"I love the consistency of Charvin acrylics. They flow so smoothly, and glaze so beautifully, giving a rich, deep result. I particularly like the variety of colors, such as Linnen Flower, which is a perfect shade for skies or water scenes."
2nd Place: 'Still Life with Pot' by Marcel Franquelin of Waverly Hall, GA

Second Place Winner

"Still Life with Pot"
by Marcel Franquelin of Monmouth Junction, NJ
"I have been painting for over 40 years and I have worked with many brands of oil paint. Some great, some just okay, and of course some bad ones! Charvin oil paints stand out for several reasons; the first and obvious one is the unusual chart of colors (many affirming their Provençal origins), which definitely brought innovation to my palette! Sometimes, just looking at the tubes brings me inspiration! I actually have two of my paintings that have Charvin tubes as part of the composition! Also, the pleasant smoothness of the paint, the color accuracy on the labels (what you see is what you get! No need to open the tubes!). Definitely an oil paint of the highest standard, which I have strongly recommended to my students for several years."
3rd Place: 'Heart's Desire Siren II' Byron Taylor of Clawson, Michigan

Third Place Winner

"Heart's Desire Siren II"
by Byron Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas
"Charvin oil colors are great out of the tube. I use several, but the carribean blue is a favorite, not only for water and skies, but for light cool tones in flesh without the chalkiness of white."

Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)

'Snow in the Bristlecones' by Sandy Birkholz 'Pepper Bag' by Dale Knakk 'Moody Hibiscus' by Mon Jones 'The Cloisters NYC' by Mary Hertler Tallman 'Apples and Oranges' by Mary Hertler Tallman
'First Strokes' by Stefko Kolomejac 'Dumela Hello Good Morning' by Nadja Marks 'Cypress Mist' by Joe Palmerio 'Christian Lace' by Byron Taylor 'African Sunset' by Juliano Jul