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2016 gallery summer Contest Gallery of Winners
1st Place: 'Cee's Tizzy' by Len Jagoda

First Place Winner

"Cee's Tizzy"
by Len Jagoda of Waverly Hall, Georgia
"Mungyo and Gallery pastels are compatible with every brand or form of soft pastel - an attribute that is essential to me. I use color and clay shapers a lot and they work so nicely in concert with these pastels."
2nd Place: 'Long Distance' by Cameron Hampton

Second Place Winner

"Long Distance"
by Cameron Hampton of Madison, Georgia
"I was given a set of Mungyo Gallery Handmade Soft Pastels from a friend who was too stubborn to try them. I am so glad they did! The rich colors and luscious feel of the pastels easily glide onto any textured surface. "
3rd Place: 'Saturday Morning' by Jorge Molina of San Francisco, California

Third Place Winner

"Saturday Morning"
by Jorge Molina
"These pastels are extremely versatile and easy to use on a variety of surfaces."

Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)

'Fox Stare' by Stephanie Price 'Ballet Love 2' by Diane Stolz 'Wyoming Enchanted' by Debbie Anderson 'Attitude' by Nancy Smolen 'Peter' by Maywah Hill
'Little Lives' by Michelle Irizarry 'Pringle Still Life' by Mother Barbara 'Zula' by Christine Vitarello 'Nesting Monarchs' Asha Aravind 'Rose Canal At Mattamuskeet' by Joan Sears