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Extra 40% off Paints, Brushes, Canvas, Panels, Frames and more
Extra 40% off Paints, Brushes, Canvas, Panels, Frames and more
Create Art Changes Everything

That is what we believe and why we support artists and the arts!

Jerry's Artarama started out to prove that artists are passionate about what they create and that art should be a part of everyone's life. This past year we launched an exciting campaign to energize artists to share a very special Facebook post centered around the concept, "Create Art, Change Everything". We asked everyone to share this post, comment on it, and challenge artist friends and those connected to the arts to help us get this shared in all 50 states. Well…

Most Recent Winners!

Keep checking back to see the most recent "Art Changes Everything" Winner!

First Name Last Initial State Amount Awarded
Lisa B. Clifton Forge, Virginia $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Toni F. Brownville, New York $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Judy H. Austin, Texas $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Diane C-S Chatham County, North Carolina $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Christine N-M Traverse City, Michigan $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Kathleen D. Nashua, New Hampshire $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Pat O. Pearland, Texas $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Kathleen L. Crystal Springs, Mississippi $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Lindesy T. Bellevue, Nebraska $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Cathy H. Nashville, Tennessee $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Ladeana M. Spartanburg, South Carolina $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Tiffiny L. Mesa, Arizona $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Emily B-K. St. Joseph, Michigan $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Bev J. Vancouver, Washington $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Brenda S. Glen Echo, Maryland $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Lura B. Vista, California $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Jeri M. San Diego, California $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Lynne R. San Jacinto, California $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Laurie B. South Bend, Indiana $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
LaRue L Coweta, Oklahoma $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Sue M. Hershey, Pennsylvania $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Frank D. P. Sr. Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Theresa W. H. San Diego, California $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Carol W. Houston, Texas $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Alexis M. P. Naples, Florida $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Chris B. Jackson, Michigan $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Cindy S. Atlantic Beach, Florida $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Diane D. Murray, Kentucky $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Maddy W. Bowling Green, Virginia $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Sande J. E. Loudon, Tennessee $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Mary Ann G. Georgia $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Anna W. Kalamazoo, Michigan $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Marcie O' Houston, Texas $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Terri L. Jefferson, Wisconsin $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Christine M. Glocester, Rhode Island $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card
Lianne R. Lexington, North Carolina $10.00 Jerry's Egift Card

Your Response Was Amazing!

Combined in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we had over 15,000 responses, and truly amazing comments. With your help, this was seen in all 50 states and all over the world! Here are few comments from the west coast to the east coast of the United States, Canada, and even Tokyo!

Create Art Changes Everything
see here

Help continue to spread the positive word

Help continue to spread the positive message that Art Changes Everything and please post
your comment along with the state you are from. You may even get a $10 eGift Card from us!

$2000 in eGift Cards to be given away!

Keep the "Art Changes Everything" message going and please post your positive comment along with the state you are from.
We will be giving away 200 × $10 eGift Cards throughout the year to help you Create More Art and Change Everything.
(We will randomly pick from the comments on the official Facebook post, so please post there. *See web site for details and how to participate.)

Art can change the world for the better

All of us here at Jerry's truly believe that everyone has the ability to and should create art.
We know that art can and does change the world for the better.