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2017 Magic Of Charvin Winners
1st Place: 'Conflagration Ballet' by Catherine Whitehead 1st Place: 'Let Them Eat Cake' by Michele Van Maurik

First Place Winners

"Conflagration Ballet"
by Catherine Whitehead of New Jersey

"Let Them Eat Cake"
by Michele Van Maurik of Ontario

'Pond IV' by Dorothy Fagan 'Sylvie's Room I' by Ekaterina Popova

Second Place Winners

"Pond IV"
by Dorothy Fagan

"Sylvie's Room I"
by Ekaterina Popova

'Charvin Acrylics Chart 8 Tubes 49 Mixes' by Phyllis Greene 'Color Chart' by Veronica Winters

"Charvin Acrylics Chart 8 Tubes 49 Mixes"
by Phyllis Greene

"Color Chart"
by Veronica Winters

3rd Place Winners (click on thumbnails to see full image)

'Reflections' by Cathy Roper 'January Roses' by Diane Stolz 'Pumpkin Alla Prima' by Elizabeth Levesque
'Memories' by Maria Nash 'Hanging Out With Dad' by Richard Hinger
'Gardinians' by Tal Dvir