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2015 Lukas Winter Painting Contest
1st Place: Lord of the Rings Inspired:Gandalf and Bilbo Having Tea by Christopher Clark of Wheat Ridge, CO First Place Winner
"Lord of the Rings Inspired:Gandalf and Bilbo Having Tea"
by Christopher Clark of Wheat Ridge, CO
"As a professional fine artist, I use Lukas oil paints exclusively. I choose the water-soluble version, not because I use water, but because they are faster drying and have less odor than traditional oils. I treat them like regular oils, using oil solvents and mediums, and they perform fabulously. The paints have a creamy, buttery feeling, and their color saturation is wonderful. They are also a very affordable brand for the quality they offer. I highly recommend Lukas products to any professional artist."
2nd Place: 'Centennial Park Repose' by Cande Sagan of Hammond, IN Second Place Winner
"Centennial Park Repose"
by Cande Sagan of Hammond, In
"I decided to try Lukas 1862 oils because I trust the products that Jerry's recommends. I love this line of oils and am adding them to my favorites. They performed to all my high standards for oil paints and I will continue to use them."
3rd Place: 'Winter Cat Boats' by Rich Alexander of Mt. Kisco, NY Third Place Winner
"Winter Cat Boats"
by Rich Alexander of Mt. Kisco, NY
"I love using Lukas oils because they flow easily and cover with one stroke of the brush. Lukas oil paint has great opacity and I've found the colors look richer as they age. I wouldn't paint with anything else."
Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)
'Banana Blossom' by Richard Velozo 'Young Ballerina' by Penny Wang 'Almost Wine' by Dorothy Lorenze 'On Campus' by Scott Dwyer 'Teller' by Melanie Moravec
'Love in a Field of Poppies' by Christopher Clark 'Forever' by Laura Hwang 'Think it Over' by Laura Hwang 'Baby Birds' by Michelle Irizarry 'Contemplation' by Colin Mead