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2015 SoHo Spring Contest Winners Gallery
1st Place: 'Vinaceous Amazons' by Mother Barbara  of Etna, CA First Place Winner
"Vinaceous Amazons"
by Mother Barbara of Etna, CA
"I have tried and used three different SoHo products and like how each one works. The pencils create a lovely softness, giving your artwork a special effect. I had started with the 12 pencil set and have now upgraded to the 72 pencil set. It has a great range of colors. The watercolors are vibrant and very nicely pigmented, as are their acrylics. The prices are excellent. Thank you Jerry's for bringing these high quality products to my attention."
2nd Place: 'Sunadas Abundance' by  Bruce Bocci of Livermore, CA Second Place Winner
"Sunadas Abundance"
by Bruce Bocci of Livermore, CA
"I have used Soho Watercolors and love this product. It works well to help create my tropical paintings and more."
3rd Place: 'Anachronism' by Yampier Sardina Esperon of Lehigh Acres, FL Third Place Winner
by Yampier Sardina Esperon of Lehigh Acres, FL
"I have been using Soho products for four years and I recommend them all. Their pigments have a high covering capacity, and the color range is very extensive."
Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)
'White Horse' by Michelle Irizarry 'St. Augustine' by Marie Linnus 'Spring Hug' by Laura Hwang 'Serene' by Michelle Irizarry 'Orange en Fleurs' by Muriel Dolemieux
'Lemon Slice' by Catalina Diaz 'Elephant' by John Freitas 'Chrysanthemum' by Phil Couture 'Big Bull' by Robert Pankey 'Bee Eater' by Mother Barbara