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2016 Turner Spring Contest Gallery of Winners
1st Place: 'Good Food/Legacy Grease' by Byron Taylor of Little Rock, AR

First Place Winner

"Good Food/Legacy Grease"
by Byron Taylor of Little Rock, AR
"Turner Concentrated Artists' Watercolors have always been a part of my watercolor palette. The colors are rich and the pigment load is excellent."
2nd Place: 'Portrait of Lalo' by Eduardo Posadas of Austin, TX

Second Place Winner

"Portrait of Lalo"
by Eduardo Posadas of Austin, TX
"Whenever I am not painting in oil I like using Turner Acryl Gouache and their mediums. I really like the way they dry and the viscosity of the paint. I always recommend this to my friends when they ask me what I use."
3rd Place: 'The Great Blues Eden' by Paul Thiesing of Salisbury Mills, New York

Third Place Winner

"The Great Blues Eden"
by Paul Thiesing of Salisbury Mills, New York
"Having been a watercolor painter my whole life I have tried just about every brand available. But I always come back to Turner. Not only do they produce the finest range of results from transparent to opaque but they are still available at reasonable price."

Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)

'Still Life No. 47813 ' by Keith Thomson 'Crab Boat at Bayou Caddy' by Herb Willey 'Fairies in the Garden' by Michelle Irizarry 'Ruse, Bulgaria' by Svilen Dimitrov 'Egg and Feather Still Life' by Mother Barbara
'White Crowned Sparrow' by Tracy Graber 'Janis' by Don Whitson 'Snow Creek' by Diane Stolz 'The Peace of Wild Things' Deborah Pompano 'Swimming with Aloha' Darice McGuire