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2015 Charvin Summer Painting Contest Winners Gallery
1st Place: 'Overwhelmed' by Rachel Matos of Cutler Bay, Florida First Place Winner
"Lone Eyes"
by Rachel Matos of Cutler Bay, Florida
"I love the Charvin oil paints. They are the perfect combination of hue and smoothness that is perfect for creating a smooth, seamless portrait. They are so versatile and easy to use. I would recommend them to any beginner or professional wanting to explore the richness and enjoyment that is in oil painting.."
2nd Place: 'Al' by Richard Houser of Decatur, Illinois Second Place Winner
by Richard Houser of Decatur, Illinois
"I've been painting with oils for almost forty years, and as soon as I squeezed paint out of the first tube of Charvin oils I tried, I knew I had stumbled onto something. The buttery consistency and smooth application of the paint reminded me of some of the first oils I used in 1977, and fell in love with them. Quality in paint means quality in art and I plan to continue using them in the future."
3rd Place: 'Waiting for the Light' by Yampier Sardina of Lehigh Acres, Florida Third Place Winner
"Waiting for the Light"
by Yampier Sardina of Lehigh Acres, Florida
"In my case, I used fine oils and linseed color of Charvin. These products have allowed me to develop my work in a wide range of tonal values and color, besides its mediums allow me the color fluidity of color without it getting too transparent. They are colors with excellent intensity and allow the execution of layers or by transparencies. I highly recommend the oils and mediums of Charvin. "
Plus 10 Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)
'Timberwolf' by Sandra Hardi 'Fly Over' by Victor Vicini 'Super Catch II' by Victor Vicini 'Liberated' by Rachel Matos 'Time Traveler' by Mary Strange Blossom
'The Street' by Mary Shira 'Bird' by Veronica Winters 'Orange Fleurie' by Muriel Dolemieux 'Home Again' by Larry Lombardo 'Dunede' by William C. Turner