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Create Your Favorite Fall Scene w/ Charvin Paints - Recipients

2017 Watercolor Road Trip Contest Gallery of Winners
1st Place: Matt A

First Place Winner

Matt A. from Colorado Springs, CO
Charvin Paint: Charvin Fine Artist Oils
"Statement: "For years Charvin has been my secret weapon; they offer colors that just aren't part of other brands' palettes but which make my work look unique on a gallery wall. I like that I get a pigment-rich paint at an unbelievable price."" Want to see my Charvin collection? Here you go:https://www.dropbox.com/s/3frh108hnw6aoh4/IMG_9872.jpg?dl=0

2nd Place: Richard H

Second Place Winner

Richard H. from Rio Dell, CA
Charvin Paint: Charvin Extra Fine Acrylics
Statement: Charvin paints are superior to other brands I have used. The rich colors are vibrant and lay down like fresh cream. Their supreme consistency allows total manipulation with a very fine tonal quality. Enjoy their excellence. You will love them as I do.
3rd Place: Emil L

Third Place Winners

Emily L, from Raleigh, NC
Charvin Paint: Charvin Fine Artists' Oils
"This painting was created with Charvin Fine Artists' Oil Paints. I used the following Charvin colors: Anise Cobalt Violet Light Cinnabar Green Light French Red Light Medium Azarin Blue Deep French Yellow Burnt Umber Raw Umber Titanium White Medium French Yellow Light Cyclamen Light Cobalt Blue Mars Black Meadow Green Diamond Orange Pthalo Cyan and Light Yellow Ochre! I use Charvin Fine Artists' Oils for all of my work because it's consistently excellent true to color hues has great creamy texture blends well with cold wax medium and I love the vibrant and spectacular colors offered! The name of this painting is "Splendor" and was created with Charvin paints and cold wax medium. No paint brushes are used colors are blended wet-on-wet with cold wax medium and applied with a bowl scraper and palette knives. The trees are "scraped off" with a bowl scraper. Leave texture is added with a sponge."
3rd Place: Vandana
Vandana, from Irving, TX
Charvin Paint: Charvin extra fine acrylics
"I absolutely love the pigment in the colors. The rich consistency and the brilliance in color. The way the paint glides in surface is nice. Favorite colors are permanent red violet burgundy red ochre."
3rd Place: Sharon
Sharon F, from Columbia SC
Charvin Paint: Charvin extra fine acrylics
"Statement: "Alizarin crimson burnt umber cadmium yellow extra fine I love the true colors and buttery texture it’s like velvet"
3rd Place: 'Leisure' by Jane L. of Boca Raton, FL
Jaime B, from Fairview, NC
Charvin Paint: Charvin Fine Oils
"Intense Lemon Yellow Napthol Red Deep Turquoise Deep Blue Venetian Red I absolutely LOVE Charvin paints! I first found out about them from an instructor at a workshop I took in NC. I now use mostly Charvin exclusively for my oil and cold wax paintings!"

All Entries Honorable Mentions (click on thumbnails to see full image)

Apolinario F from College Station, TX


Nichole P from Proctor, VT

Nichole P

Katherine M

katherine M