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2019 Watercolor Showdown Gallery of Winners
1st Place: Kelley

First Place Winner

"Great quality paper! It accepts multiple, heavy washes and dries flat. I was able to layer multiple colors of varying intensities and was surprised to the amount of pigment I was able to lift back up when needed. I was also able to reset areas and lift pigment after it had dried once already. This allowed for corrections to be made, even with darker colors. I'm definitely pleased with the quality and versatility of this paper!""
Materials Used:9x12 cold press watercolor block
by Kelley
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2nd Place: Maria

Second Place Winner

"This was my first attempt at watercolor, and being a bit afraid of the rougher cold press, I decided to try the hot press. I worked this opposite how I guess you're supposed to work with watercolors. I started with a pencil sketch, then blocked in the "black" stripes. Then I worked with light washes to bring in the shadows and fur. I like the larger individual sheets because I can cut them to fit whatever image I am painting. The smooth texture suits my style since I normally work on Bristol with graphite pencil."
Materials Used: 140lb. Smooth Hot Press pack of 10 22x30
by Maria
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3rd Place: Heidi

Third Place Winner

"I used the black Stonehenge paper out of curiosity, but I found it is absolutely perfect for doing gouache and shimmering watercolor work. Other black papers often use dyes that come out when I stretch the paper, but the Stonehenge black not only stretched amazingly well, it didn't bleed any color. I used wet in wet techniques to create the mottled colors of the galaxies, then applied the metallic watercolors on top of all of the gouache."
Materials Used: Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Black
by Heidi
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