Announcing the 2015 Valentines Day Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our wonderful winners!


Chocolate and Roses are great Valentines Day gifts, but soon after V-Day, they’re gone. Your art is a labor of love and lasts forever! We had many contestants in our second annual Valentines Day Art Contest show us their art and tell us their story and then we let you viewers pick the winners. While everyone who gives and receives art are winners, you all chose these three to be our winners in our 2015 Valentines Day Art Contest


First Place Winner

“Valentine’s Night”
by Uzma Nasir

“In Valentine’s She is alone.”


Second Place Winner

“Paris Je’Taime”
by Nida Zuberi

“Paris Je’Taime is part of my doodle series called ‘Around the World in 80 Doodles.’ This one is dedicated to my husband because it represents love and romance!”


Third Place Winner

“Bleeding Heart

by Pamela Willis Watters

“A gift for a like minded friend


 Lets all give a big hand for our winners, and to see more entries, be sure to check out our Contest Page. Also be on the lookout for more wonderful contests where you can win big from Jerry’s Artarama!


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