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The Jerry's Workshop Directory

Directory of artist workshops in the us and abroad

Traditionally, artists have advertised their workshop schedule in print media. However, with today's exploding internet usage and the ability to go to a web site at any time of the day or night it occurred to us that creating a resource for all artists would be an extremely useful location on the Jerry's website.

Workshop for artists who want to improve their skills, expand their creativity and become part of the art community are extremely plentiful and can be found year round in every part of the country as well as overseas from Australia to South Africa to Katmanndu. There are literally several thousand workshops offered.

Workshops can take place on cruise ships, mountain retreats or the left bank in Paris. Because of the diversity of locations, techniques offered, and personalities that run the workshops we want to be able to bring a large and diverse offering to our customers and visitors.

Workshops Directory Listings, Information and Art Events

We have found that our customers are made up of a group of diverse people who enjoy adventure and creativity. For this reason we have created this easy to use resource that we are sure will lead to fun learning experiences.

In addition to being a wonderful resource for artists, our artist workshop directory provides an excellent opportunity for workshop instructors to reach potential customers in an efficient way.

Advertise your workshops or classes in a variety of ways including:

  • display ads
  • feature ads
  • free directory listing

What we have created provides something for everyone, whether there is an advertising budget or not, no one is turned away from being part of our community directory.

For information about how you can list your workshop please contact us through...[email protected] for all of the details that you will need to join us and be part of this new and exciting workshop directory community.

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