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We often get questions and comments related to "How To's" from our customers. We decided to present them in this new area called "Art Tips". Please vote for your favorite "Art Tip". The "Art Tip" with the most votes will be awarded the $250 gift card to spend on their favorite Art Supplies on Jerry's Artarama website.
  • Jillian, Cary NC

    art tips Sent in by Jillian of Cary NC
    Pick up out of date wallpaper swatch books from the paint store, and use the vinyl wallpaper samples as a support for various media. I like oil pastels on it, one can layer and scraffito the pastel and enjoy the serendipity of the background patterns. - Jillian, Cary NC

  • Lorrie - Kalamazoo MI

    art tipsSent in by Lorrie of Kalamazoo MI
    For a very cool texture paint your canvas with a heavy coat of acrylics. Then, carefully and in a well ventilated area, use a heat gun to bring up bubbles in the paint. Let it cool down and then heat it up again. Go over the bubbles with additional paint so that the cracks and crevasses will be enhanced. - Lorrie, Kalamazoo, MI.

  • Hilda - Provincetown Ma

    art tips Sent in by Hilda of Provincetown Ma
    I am an oil painter and the best way I have found to keep oils wet and useable for a long time is to put the pallette in the fridge freezer. A thin coating of ice forms around each paint color and keeps the air away from it so it can't dry out. The only down side is that if you live with other people, they tend to complain about paint on the ice cream container - Hilda, Provincetown Ma

  • Kali - Reynoldsburg OH

    art tipsSent in by Kali of Reynoldsburg Ohio
    Want to get a neat water color effect or background? Sprinkle a pinch or two of salt on the paper after you've painted and let the paint dry. You can just brush the salt off once the paint has dried and you're left with a neat and unique design! - Kali, Reynoldsburg Ohio

  • Linda - Houston TX

    art tips Sent in by Linda of Houston TX
    I do a lot of mixed media work. When I'm trying to adhere pieces down I use toothpicks! Keep a box on your table, it keeps from papers pulling up when you lift your finger and it keeps fresh paint on the canvas or paper instead of your fingers, where it belongs.- Linda, Houston, TX

  • Renee - North Canton OH

    art tipsSent in by Renee - North Canton OH
    While painting a area of the painting that is to be heavily textured, use salt. After the first application of paint, add a thick amount of salt to the area. Let it partially dry, then use your brush to add different colors to the area. Dab with your brush the areas you want to add colored texture. The dried salt absorbs the color and doesn't spread it out. This is especially nice when painting bricks, trees, and other heavily textured areas. When I paint bricks, I leave the salt on the paper. It add a little sparkle and makes it come alive. - Renee, North Canton, OH

  • Robin - Palm Harbor FL

    art tips Sent in by Robin of Palm Harbor FL
    If you are having a hard time with your foreshortening or perspective, Turn your canvas and the photo you are working from upside down! You will see the correction right away! (this works for drawing as well) -
    Robin, Palm Harbor FL

  • Jan - Indianapolis IN

    art tipsSent in by Jan of Indianapolis IN
    Use an inexpensive picture frame with glass for an oil palette. The frame will keep paint from sliding off the edge of the glass,making it easier to transport and different colors of paper can be placed under the glass to match toned canvas for more accurate paint color comparisons. - Jan, Indianapolis IN

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