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New York Central Acrylic Mediums
Creative Mark Qualita Golden Taklon Value Brush Sets
Painter's Color Diary By HG Art Concepts
Doorbuster Deals up to 67% Off Regular Price
Mezzo ArtistPaint & Brush Racks - Set of 3Mezzo Artist Paint & Brush Racks
Upright, Easy to view, Paint and Brush Organizing System doorbuster price$24.99 item# 90348 | Was: $34.99
Mimik Hog Professional SyntheticDeluxe Set of 20 with Leatherette CaseMimik Hog Professional Synthetic Bristle Brush, Deluxe Set of 20 w/ Leatherette Case
easier to clean, and provide consistent brush response, time after time doorbuster $74.99Item# 88991 | was: $157.49
SoHo Urban ArtistAluminum Black Painting EaselSoHo Urban Artist Aluminum Black Painting Easel
black anodized aluminum easel folds down to a mere 16 x 4 x 1-3/4" and comes with a handy carrying casedoorbuster $9.99item# 79480 | Was: $23.09
Carolina Studio H-Frame EaselCarolina Studio H-Frame Easel
Top Selling Easel That Is Sturdy, Functional, And Assembles In Minutes doorbuster price $139.99item# 59806 | Was: $184.99
Paint & Mediums
SoHo Urban Artist Oil Colors50ml, 170ml & 430mlSoHo Urban Artist Oil Colors 50ml, 170ml & 430ml
Offers 13.3% more paint than traditional 150ml tubes
list starting: $10.25
hot buy Starting at$2.99
Marie's Water Soluble Oil ColorsSet of 18 - 12ml TubesMarie's Water Soluble Oil Colors 18 Set
Water mixable oil colors that are truly solvent free.
item# 89186 | List: $36.40
hot buy$13.84
LUKAS 1862 Professional Artist Oil Colors
Charvin Fine Oil Paint
12 Shades Of Grey Oil Colors50ml Tubes12 Shades Of Grey Oil Colors 50ml Tubes
Very smooth colors and just the right tones of greys
list starting: $9.95
hot buy Starting at$2.60
Grumbacher Pre-Tested Professional Oil Colors37ml TubesGrumbacher Pre-Tested Professional Oil Colors 37ml Tubes
Excellent adhesion and superior tinting strength
list starting: $12.85
On Sale Starting at$6.43
LUKAS Cryl Liquid Acrylics250ml tubesLUKAS Cryl Liquid Acrylics
Beautiful Color, Mixable, Vibrant Soft-Bodied Acrylics, Value in a Bottle
list starting: $33.70
On Sale Starting at$12.99
Charvin Extra Fine Artists' Acrylics60ml TubesCharvin Extra Fine Artists' Acrylics
Putting All the Colors of Nature Right at Your Fingertips
list starting: $19.95
hot buy Starting at$8.69
LUKAS Studio Artist Oil Color Paints
LUKAS Berlin PRO Artists Water Mixable Oil Colors
Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paints1.8L JugCreative Inspirations Acrylic Paints 1.8l Jug
bright, vibrant and very pigmented. Clean up with soap and water
list starting: $44.95
On Sale Starting at$18.99
Turner Acryl Gouache Artist AcrylicSet of 24 - 20ml tubesTurner Acryl Gouache Artist Acrylic Set of 12 20 ml tubes
Adheres to most any substrate
item# 73699 | List: $249.40
On Sale$58.29
Lukas Aquarell WatercolorSet of 16 - half pan setLukas Aquarell Watercolor Set Of 16 Half Pan Set
Superb Tinting Strength. Perfect For Plein Aire Painting
item# 59150 | List: $77.55
On Sale$20.79
Turner WatercolorsSet of 12 - 15ml TubesTurner Watercolors Set Of 1215ml Tubes
Vibrant, Concentrated Watercolors Perfect For Any Artist
item# V06686 | List: $253.75
hot buy$39.99
Marie's Masters Quality Watercolor Paints
LUKAS Studio Art & Designers Artists' Gouache
Holbein Designer GouacheSet of 5 Primary Colors - 15mlHolbein Designer Gouache 15ml Set of 5 Primary Colors
made from finely ground pigments selected for high saturation and lightfastness
item# V37426 | List: $50.50
on sale$30.32
Turner Acryl Gouache Acrylic20ml, 40ml, 100ml Tubes & 250ml pouchTurner Acryl Gouache Acrylic20ml, 40ml, 100ml Tubes & 250ml Pouch
Colors adhere to most surfaces such as panels & wood
list starting: $13.95
On Sale Starting at$3.99
Brushes & accessory
Staccato Long-Handle Synthetic BrushesStaccato Long-Handle Synthetic Brushes
A completely new level of performance while creating
list starting: $13.05
hot buy Starting at$3.36
Mimik Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Short Handle BrushesMimik Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Short Handle Brushes
synthetic hair that acts and performs just like sable hair
list starting: $16.45
hot buy Starting at$3.98
Black Knight Sword Liners By Creative Mark
Creative Mark Brushes Set Of 15With Brush Easel Case Creative Mark Brushes Set Of 15
A Brush Set That Is Universal For A Wide Array Of Uses
item# 89536 | List: $118.45
hot buy$25.21
Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist BrushesRhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist Brushes
The Absolute Best Value Of Any Brush In Its Class! 100% Pure Kolinsky Sable Hair
list starting: $31.45
hot buy Starting at$8.39
Mimik Kolinsky SyntheticWatercolor Mottler BrushesMimik Kolinsky Synthetic Watercolor Mottler Brushes
Outperforms natural kolinsky hair every time. Perfect For Watercolor Washes, Watercolor applications
list starting: $72.10
On Sale Starting at$22.30
New York CentralProfessional Control Oil BrushesNew York Central Professional Control Oil Brushes
create art that no other line of brushes in the world can do
list starting: $32.05
hot buy Starting at$7.98
Try Me Brush Sets By Creative Mark
Artist Pipettes By Creative Mark
Creative Inspirations Super Paint Pumps3 packCreative Inspirations Super Paint Pumps 3 pack
Can be used on Creative Inspirations 1.8 liter or half-gallon jugs
item# 89525 | List: $20.95
hot buy$5.71
Petite Air-Tight Brush WasherPetite Air-Tight Brush Washer
Holds 310ml of fluid & has two locking clamps for an airtight seal
item# 79476 | List: $45.55
hot buy$15.79
SoHo Airtight Mixed Media PaletteSoHo Airtight Mixed Media Palette
Airtight And Great For Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Acrylic Or Alcohol Inks
item# 89710 | List: $32.95
hot buy$14.99
Creative mark Jumbo Butcher Tray PaletteJumbo Butcher Tray Palette 7.5x11"
Easy To Clean Triple-Coated Enamel Tray Palettes. Perfect For Oils, acrylics, alkyds, & watercolor
List starting at: $22.95
hot buy starting at$9.80
SoHo Artist Disposable Studio Wipes
Universal Tube Twister Keys
Painters Edge XL Palette KnivesSet of 5Painters Edge XL Palette Knives Set of 5 & Case
Stainless Steel Italian Style Painting Knives
item# 70631 | List: $59.95
hot buy$15.99
SoHo Grey Toned Disposable Paper Palette PadsSoHo Grey Toned Disposable Paper Palette Pads
40 specially coated disposable sheets
list starting: $13.20
hot buy Starting at$5.22
Drawing & Illustration
Concept Dual TipMarkers Basic Color - Set of 24Concept Dual Tip Markers And Sets
Brilliant Colors Flow Through This 4-In-1 Style, Professional Quality Markerhot buy$15.99
item# 87441 | list: $99.95
Raffine Colored PencilSet of 24Raffine Colored Pencil Set of 24
Crisp sharpening Superb lead pointing, 100% color coverage
item# 68096 | List: $23.50
hot buy$6.36
Cezanne Premium Watercolor Pencil Set of 24
Cezanne Premium Watercolor Pencil Set of 120 with Blenders
Cezanne Graphite Graphite Pencil TinSet of 12Cezanne Graphite Graphite Pencil Tin Set of 12
Super soft, super dark graphite pencils for fine art & illustration
item# 89717 | List: $26.95
hot buy$8.99
SoHo Urban ArtistJumbo Artists' Street Pastels - box of 4SoHo Urban Artist Jumbo Artists' Street Pastel Sets
Specially formulated pastels, designed for painting on pavement and sidewalks
List: $28.35
hot buy$7.42
QuickFix+ Battery Powered EraserQuickFix+ Battery Powered Eraser
Great for creating precise detail
List: $11.35
hot buy$5.28
Raffine Pencil Charcoal GrinderRaffine Pencil Charcoal Grinder
Perfect Tool For Any Artist Working In Dry Media
item# 90474 | List: $9.20
hot buy$3.59
Super Black Permanent Fineliner PenSet of 8Super Black Permanent Fineliner Pen Set of 8
waterproof and acid-free ink
item# 89724 | List: $25.75
hot buy$10.99
FX Effects Color ShiftersSuper set of 4FX Effects Color Shifters Super Set of 4
Lift, Transform, Scrape, Carve or Apply Color. Flexible silicone tips
item# 90335A | List: $131.25
hot buy$45.14
Paper, Books & Boards
Creative Mark Universal Mixed Media PadsUniversal Mixed Media Pads By Creative Mark
20 white sheets (40 pages) 90 lb. (200gsm) paper stock
list starting: $6.50
hot buy Starting at$2.49
Strathmore Blank Mixed Media Cards50 pack - 5"x6.875"Strathmore Blank Mixed Media Cards & Envelopes
Versatile greeting cards for drawing, painting, collage & embellishment
item# V17804 | List: $51.25
hot buy$25.41
SoHo Brick Journals
Artfinity Synthesis Multimedia Watercolor Paper Pads
Reflexions Double Wire Field Sketch BooksReflexions Double Wire Spiral Bound Field Sketch Books
80 sheets of light cream, 70lb. paper Lies flat when opened for table use
list starting: $13.50
hot buy Starting at$3.73
Nujabi WatercolorPaper Sheet Packs of 10, 25 & 100Nujabi Watercolor Paper Sheet Packs Of 10, 25 & 100
Individually Handmade Watercolor Papers
list starting: $28.00
hot buy Starting at$9.67
Canvas, Panels & Rolls
Practica Stretched Cotton Canvas9x12" Box of 20Practica Economy Stretched Cotton Canvas
BEST SELLER! Genuine Stretched Canvas At A Canvas Panel Price
item# 85976A | List: $119.00
On Sale$40.89 Only $2.04 Per Canvas
CenturionOP DLX Linen Panels12-PacksCenturion Deluxe Professional Oil Primed Panel 3-Packs
Master Quality Archival Linen Panels! Exclusive OP Enhanced Oil Priming
list starting: $29.25
On Sale Starting at$11.12
Creative Inspirations Super Value Stretched Canvas Packs
Paramount 1-13/16 Professional Gallery Wrap Canvas
AlumaComp Unprimed Aluminum Panels16x20"AlumaComp Unprimed Archival Aluminum Painting Panels
Double-sided – one brushed aluminum, one polished
item# 88753 | List: $59.20
hot buy$20.92
Centurion OP DLX Linen CanvasBoxes of 6Centurion OP DLX Linen Canvas Boxes of 6
Superb Performance And Color Retention
list starting: $98.40
On Sale Starting at$39.43
SoHo Urban Artist Cotton Canvas All Media Panel3-Pack 9x12"SoHo Urban Artist Cotton Canvas All Media Panel 3-Pack 9x12"
State-of-the-Art C-Bond Core Cotton Canvas Panels
item# 89074 | List: $11.10
hot buy$3.96Only $1.32 Per Panel
Centurion OP DLX Linen Pads16x20" Centurion OP DLX Linen Pads16x20
Oil Primed Linen Pads Offering The Most Brilliant Painting Results
item# 85857 | List: $95.70
On Sale$38.61
Senso Clear Primed Linen Canvas Pad16x20"Senso Clear Primed Linen Canvas Pads
These Incredible Canvas Pads Are The Perfect Surface For Exploring And Trying Out New Media
item# 75377 | List: $186.20
On Sale$87.91
Centurion OP DLX Oil Primed Linen Canvas Roll54" x 6 YardCenturion Deluxe Professional Oil Primed Linen Canvas Rolls (OP DLX)
Master Quality Archival Linens! Centurion OP DLX Professional Canvas Rolls
item# 85870 | List: $598.15
On Sale$229.30
Sargent Herringbone LinenCanvas Roll11 oz. - 83"x6 Yard Sargent Herringbone Linen Weave Canvas Rolls 11 Oz. 83 X 6 Yard
hand-processed and woven into a twill herringbone pattern
item# 87269 | List: $2,243.35
On Sale$541.53
Claessens Oil Primed Linen Roll54"x3 Yard Double PrimedClaessens Oil Primed Linen Rolls
Meticulous Craftsmanship for Techniques needing a smooth surface
item# 50743 | List: $757.05
hot buy$263.99
Unprimed Cotton Duck Deluxe Canvas Rolls
Pro-Tones All-Media Toned Canvas Panels
Gallery Pro Stretcher Bar Cross BracesGallery Pro Stretcher Bar Cross Braces
Medium Duty Cross Braces are available in three types: No-Notch, Type T and Type B
list starting: $3.45
On Sale Starting at$2.30
Jerry's Worlds Greatest Acrylic Gesso Primer1 Gallon - WhiteJerry's Worlds Greatest Acrylic Gesso Primer
Ultra-Smooth, Ultra-White Gesso Primer For Fine Art In Acrylics And Oils
item# 63087 | List: $57.26
hot buy$38.89
Easels & Studio Furniture
SoHo Urban Artist Aluminum Field EaselSoHo Urban Artist Aluminum Field Easel
Ultra-Lightweight Aluminum Field Easel
item# 89228 | List: $107.95
hot buy$46.43
Soho Urban Artist Plein Air Aluminum Lightweight Easel & Carry BagSoho Urban Artist Plein Air Aluminum Lightweight Easel & Carry Bag
Your Go To Easel For Painting Outdoors
item# 89495 | List: $107.95
hot buy$43.19
Traveling Monet French Easel
Savannah Studio Easel
CappellettoBettina Premium Studio EaselCappelletto Bettina Premium Studio Easel
Made of only the finest quality and craftsmanship, Imported from Italy
item# V13322 | List: $1,046.80
on sale$300.29
Eagle Rock Premium Studio EaselEagle Rock Premium Studio Easel
Takes canvas from 1" to 64" high & sets up in minutes
item# 86038 | List: $961.70
hot buy$430.91
Overby Pocket EaselOverby Pocket Easel
Easy to set up and easy to carry from place to place
item# 71452 | List: $18.95
hot buy$8.99
Cappelletto Melina Multi Media Premium EaselCappelletto Melina Multi Media Premium Easel
The highest quality easel for multiple mediums - Imported from Italy
item# V13323 | List: $630.95
on sale$219.44
Thrifty Art And Display Easels
Artist Studio & Furniture
HG Art Concepts Artists Storage Chests
Saint RemyMulti-Angle Wood Studio EaselSaint Remy Multi-Angle Wood Studio Easel
Flawless functionality! Paint pictures at any angle, even flat
item# 85709 | List: $750.00
hot buy$279.99
Todd Reifers Signature Artist WorkstationTodd Reifers Signature Artist Workstation
finished Beech wood adds a touch of class to any room
item# 71096 | List: $1,917.50
On Sale$734.99
Creative Mark Table Studio
Creative Mark Art Quest DeskCreative Mark Art Quest Desk
Perfect For Artists searching for a versatile workspace
item# 86171 | List: $1,076.20
hot buy$499.99
SoHo Urban ArtistA-Frame Mahogany Studio EaselSoHo Urban Artist A-Frame Mahogany Studio Easel
Quality, versatile studio easel that folds flat for easy storage
item# 87222 | List: $195.00
hot buy$103.99
Frame your masterpiece
Millbrook Ready Made Frames
Imperial CollectionReady Made FramesImperial Collection Ready Made Painting Frames
Museum-quality, Hand-finished by expert artisans
list starting: $29.70
hot buy Starting at$9.79
Museum Collection Arte FramesMuseum Collection Arte Frames
Closed corner, hand-finished by expert craftsmen
list starting: $81.95
hot buy Starting at$35.11
Museum plein aire frames
Ambiance Studio Wood Frames18x24" Black & White - 4 packAmbiance Studio Wood Frames 18x24" Black & White - 4 pack
High-Quality Wide Face Frames perfect as An alternative to a professional frame
item# 89111A | List: $266.00
On Sale$95.88
Museum Collection De Stijl FramesMuseum Collection De Stijl Frames
Real wood coated with gesso, molded and hand-finished
list starting: $73.60
hot buy Starting at$34.62
Gotham White Deep Gallery Frames
Ambiance Gallery Aluminum FramesBlack 18x24" Box of 6Ambiance Gallery Aluminum Frames
Quickly and easily framing artwork
item# 72088A | List: $454.50
On Sale$127.09
Gotham Black Deep Gallery FramesGotham Black Deep Gallery Frames
Professional Look, Economical Price Quality Deep Frames
list starting: $14.75
hot buy Starting at$5.69
Plein Aire Style FramesPlein Aire Style Frames
Five Elegant Frames With Timeless Style
list starting: $45.95
hot buy starting$20.44
Ambiance Gallery Clip Low-Profile Frame16x20" Box of 6Ambiance Gallery Clip Frames - Low-Profile Frames
Clip Frames For Any Artworks On Paper
item# 86894A | List: $171.30
On Sale$64.75
Cardinali Renewal Core Floater Frames
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