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October Great Paint Values

True Artists Paints From Oils to Acrylics to Watercolors

Save an Extra 25% Off Jerry's Regular Sale Prices
(67% Off List)

1862 Professional Oil Paints

Lukas 1862 Oil Colors

“Great pigment density, high tinting strength, great texture and drying time, with excellent permanence and lightfast rating.”

• Incomparable Color Intensity
• Outstanding Lightfastness
• Smooth Consistency
• Buttery Feel

37ml Tubes Starting at: $5.62
200ml Tubes Starting at: $15.22

Star Rating

Studio Oil Color Paints

Lukas studio Oil Colors

“A great buy! VERY smooth and consistent. Excellent feel with the brush, or palette knife.”

• Heavy Pigment Load
• Excellent Lightfastness
• 48 Colors
• Smooth Consistency

37ml Tubes Starting at: $3.59
75ml Tubes Starting at: $5.09
200ml Tubes Starting at: $10.12

Star Rating

Berlin Water Mixable Oil Colors

Lukas Berlin Water Mixable Oil Colors

“Colors are vibrant and clean, soft and buttery. Many of the more common colors come in 200ml tubes, which I love because it saves me time and money.”

• Professional Quality
• Dries Fast
• Consistent Texture
• No Need For Harsh Solvents

37ml Tubes Starting at: $4.27
200ml Tubes Starting at: $12.74

Star Rating

Cryl Studio Acrylics

Lukas Cryl Studio Acrylics

“Consistently vibrant and rich, these thick pigments ooze out of these acrylic paints.”

• Wide Range of 60 Colors
• High Pigment Concentration
• Superb Light-Fastness
• Water-Mixable, Fast Drying

125ml Tubes Starting at: $4.12
250ml Tubes Starting at: $5.99
500ml Tubes Starting at: $11.09

Star Rating

Why Choose Lukas

If you havent tried LUKAS paints, you’re missing out. LUKAS paints have amazing quality, incomparable color intensity, a brilliant color spectrum and high pigments. From oils to acrylics to watercolors, the paints produced by the German paint-maker have been pleasing artists for almost 150 years. From their founding in Dusseldorf in 1862 to now, LUKAS Artist Colors has kept its reputation as a “true artists paints”.

Jerry's is a direct importer of Lukas
Jerry's buys Lukas paints directly allowing us to pass the savings onto you

artist spotlight Roseann madia

Artist Spotlight:
Roseann Madia

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Water Mixable Oils -
Jerry's Live

Artist Quality Oils and Acrylics at Value Prices

Save 83% Off List

Oil Colors

SoHo Oil Colors

“SoHo oils are extremely versatile, creamy and the mix ability is great! There is also a variety of colors to utilize and that is especially enticing.”

• Smooth Application
• Perfect for Brushes or Palette Knives
• Slowly Ground, Triple Milled
• Thick and Rich Color

50ml Tubes Starting at: $3.69
170ml Tubes Starting at: $7.69
430ml Cans Starting at: $15.39

Star Rating

Compare to Winton Oil Colors


50ml Tubes
7.4 cents/ml

170ml Tubes
4.5 cents/ml

430ml Cans
3.6 cents/ml


37ml Tubes
11.3 cents/ml

200ml Tubes
5.9 cents/ml

Heavy Body Acrylics

SoHo Heavy Body Acrylics

“I use this product painting on canvas and find the tone excellent, smooth to apply, quick to dry and long lasting.”

• Excellent Coverage
• Saturated with Pigment
• Lustrous Finish
• Perfect for Artists of All Levels

75ml Tubes Starting at: $2.39
250ml Tubes Starting at: $5.49
500ml Cans Starting at: $9.99

Star Rating

Compare to Liquitex Basics


75ml Tubes
3.2 cents/ml

250ml Tubes
2.2 cents/ml

500ml Cans
2 cents/ml


250ml Tubes
2.7 cents/ml

Why Choose SoHo

Dedicated to bringing fine art materials to both amateur and professional artists the world over. From high quality oils, acrylics, and watercolors to colored pencils, pastels, studio easels, seating to canvas, palettes, brush cleaners and more. SoHo Urban Artist art supplies provide any artist with a thorough and well-rounded studio set-up at excellent savings. No matter the medium and no matter the skill level, every artist can benefit from the affordable, quality art materials provided by SoHo Urban Artist.

artist spotlight Rachel Chrisopoulos

Artist Spotlight:
Rachel Chrisopoulos

Professional Watercolors Loved & Used by Artists All Over the World

Save 79% Off List

Concentrated Professional Artists' Watercolors

Turner concentrated watercolor paints

“I was so stunned at how beautiful, rich, smooth, and vibrant all of the numerous colors are that I purchased are.”

• 148 Brilliant Colors
• Finest Pure Pigments
• No Fillers Added
• Highly Concentrated

15ml Tubes Starting at: $3.49

Star Rating

Compare to Daniel Smith Watercolors


15ml Tubes
2.3 cents/ml

Dan Smith

15ml Tubes
6.9 cents/ml

Why Choose Turner

Turner of Japan is known worldwide for their professional line of paints. Based in Osaka for over 70 years, Turner Colour Works is famous for it's wide range of products that stimulate your sensibility and colour your life with beautiful colors.

Professional Artists' Watercolors
The well balanced, vibrant range of 148 colors professional colors has an amazing 65 single pigment colors, ensuring beautifully clean color mixing. Only the highest quality pigments are painstakingly ground to a uniform fineness, without fillers, blended with high quality gum arabic and wetting agents for vivid, brilliant colors with a smoothly free-flowing consistency.

artist spotlight 73.uv

Artist Spotlight:

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Turner Watercolors -
In-Studio Review

Elite Line of Luxury Oils
If You're Looking For Your Paintings to Come Life, Charvin is Yor Choice

Save an Extra 30% Off Regular Sale Prices
(60% Off List)

Fine Artists' Oil Paints

Charvin Fine Artists Oil Colors

“I have used other respected brands but I will be making the total transition as I run out of other colors. Vibrant, mixable, I can’t go back!”

• Traditional and Modern Pigments
• 144 Color Line
• Brilliant, Rich and Creamy
• Highest Quality and Permanence

Single 150ml Tube Starting at: $16.99
12+ 150ml Tubes Only: $13.99 each
24+ 150ml Tubes Only: $12.59 each

Star Rating

Extra Fine Artists' Oil Paints

Charvin Fine Artists Oil Colors

“I can't wait to add more to my palette. They were like painting with silk - so smooth and even on the canvas. I'm hooked on Charvin!”

• Highest Grade Pigments
• Triple milled for smoothness
• Range of 205 colors
• Small Batch, Handmade Paints

20ml Tubes Starting at: $8.81
60ml Tubes Starting at: $16.26
150ml Tubes Only: $29.91

Star Rating

Extra Fine Artists'Acrylics

Charvin Fine Artists Oil Colors

“I've used another brand for years, and wanted to try something with a finer quality to it. I'm totally sold! These colors are pure and flow beautifully. They lay on your canvas or board like creamy butter and hold their color well, instead of turning several shades darker when they dry! Time for me to make a large order to complete my palette!”

• Triple-Milled, Lightfast Pigments
• Superior Quality
• Over 100 Colors
• Made by Master Color Makers

60ml Tubes Starting at: $6.99
150ml Tubes Only: $12.39

Star Rating

Why Choose Charvin

Based on over 175 years of experience, Charvin has created a high quality elite oil paint at an extremely reasonable price point. Charvin Fine Artists’ Oil Colors use a combination of the finest in traditional and modern pigments, bound with a blend of linseed and non-yellowing poppy oils, for a smooth, creamy consistency and vibrant color. These recipes are the same used to make oil colors for artists since 1830

artist spotlight Michelle Courier

Artist Spotlight:
Michelle Courier

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