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New York Central Acrylic Mediums
Mimik High Performance Synthetic Squirrel Hair Watercolor Brushes
Painter's Color Diary By HG Art Concepts
paints and mediums
LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylic 125ml, 250ml Tubes & 500ml Bottles LUKAS CRYL StudioArtist Acrylic Paints - 500ml Tubes
Great for large scale works and mural paintingon sale starting $4.29
list starting: $12.95
LUKAS Cryl Liquid Acrylic250ml tubesLUKAS Cryl Liquid Acrylics
Beautiful Color, Mixable, Vibrant Soft-Bodied Acrylics, Value in a Bottleon sale starting$12.99
list starting: $33.70
LUKAS Berlin PRO Artists Water Mixable Oil Colors
Creative Inspirations Acrylic White Gesso
Creative Inspirations AcrylicBox Set of 12 - 16oz Bottles Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paint Value Box Set of 12 Bottles
Perfect for all techniques used by artists and designershot buy$64.29
item# 89376 | list: $204.99
12 Shades of Grey Acrylic75ml Tubes12 Shades of Grey Acrylic
Highly pigmented, triple-milled colors. Perfect for shadows and greys. on sale$4.82
list: $9.95
LUKAS Studio Oil Color37ml & 200ml tubesLUKAS Studio Artist Oil Color Paints
amazing consistency at amazing prices. on sale starting$4.39
list starting: $10.95
SoHo Urban Artist Oil Color50ml, 170ml Tubes & 430ml CansSoHo Urban Artist Oil Colors
Offers 13.3% more paint than traditional oil paint tubesHot Buy starting$2.99
list: $10.25
Charvin Extra Fine Artists' Acrylic Paints
SoHo Artists' Metallic Watercolor Set
12 Shades Of Grey Oil ColorSet of 12 - 21ml tubes12 Shades Of Grey Oil Colors
Lovely brilliant grey tones. Impossible to find anywhere elseon sale$17.84
item# 89279 | list: $37.60
Creative InspirationsAcrylic Mediums & VarnishesCreative Inspirations Acrylic Mediums & Varnishes
Extends colors, enhances translucency and increases film integrityon sale$7.55
list starting: $15.05
LUKAS Studio Gouache20ml & 75ml TubesLUKAS Studio Art & Designers Artists' Gouache
Opaque and matte-drying to a velvety finishon sale starting$4.39
list starting: $13.90
Turner Acryl GouacheSet of 12 - 20ml tubesTurner Acryl Gouache Artist Acrylic Set of 12 20 ml tubes
Super Concentrated Fast Drying, Brilliant Acrylics. on sale$32.59
item# 73697 | list: $116.45
GOLDEN Open Acrylic Mediums
Creative Inspirations Acrylic Paint 1.8 Liter Jugs
Turner Artists' WatercolorSet of 18 - 5ml TubesTurner Watercolors Set of 18 5ml Tubes
Finest pure pigments & high end gum arabic. hot buy$26.99
item# V19240 | list: $235.70
Marie's WatercolorSet of 48 with Pocket Brush setProfessional Watercolor Set of 48 w/ Mimik Synthetic Squirrel Pocket Brush Set of 5 Bundle
Highly pigmented, permanent watercolors a handy pocket brush seton sale$69.99
item# 90497A | list: $267.90
BerlinSynthetic Long Handle Acrylic BrushesBerlin Synthetic Long Handle Acrylic Brushes
Perfect For Acrylics, oils, or alkyds. on sale starting$7.88
list starting: 24.50
Mimik KolinskySynthetic Sable Short Handle BrushesSynthetic Sable Short Handle Brushes
synthetic hair that acts and performs just like sable hairhot buy starting$3.98
list starting: $16.45
Staccato Brushes
Black SwanProfessional Set of 23 with Zippered Easel Case Black Swan Professional Set of 23 with Zippered Easel Case
Professional Sets of Animal-Friendly, Synthetic Alternatives to Red Sableart super sale $104.99
item# 89502 | list: $241.45
Creative MarkBrush Set Of 15 - With Brush Easel Case Creative Mark Brushes Set Of 15
A Brush Set That Is Universal For A Wide Array Of Useshot buy $25.21
item# 89536 | list: $118.45
Mimik Synthetic WatercolorBrush Set of 8Mimik Synthetic Watercolor Brushes Value Set of 8
An Excellent Choice for Professional Acrylic Artistson sale price$52.49
item# 87257 | list: $157.45
Hamburg PremierProfessional Handmade BrushesHamburg Premier Professional Handmade Brushes
A Proprietary Blend Of Natural And Synthetic Hairon sale starting$6.52
list starting: $19.60
Creative Mark Muscle Brushes
DaVinciAir Tight Brush WasherDaVinci Air Tight Stainless Steel Brush Washer
500ml Capacity Stainless Steel Brush Cleaner & Washeron sale$39.99
item# 86121 | list: $79.95
SoHo Urban ArtistAirtight Mixed Media PaletteSoHo Airtight Mixed Media Palette
Airtight And Great For Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors & Alcohol Inks. on sale $17.99
item# 89710 | list: $32.95
Jumbo ButcherTray Palette - 17x24"Jumbo Butcher Tray Palette 17x24"
Perfect For Oils, acrylics, alkyds, & watercoloron sale$27.24
item# 90275 | list: $56.50
SoHo Urban ArtistGrey Toned Paper Palette PadsSoHo Grey Toned Disposable Paper Palette Pads
40 specially coated disposable sheetson sale starting $6.60
list starting: $13.20
AquaLiftPaint Eraser Sponge Set of 7AquaLift Paint Eraser Sponge Set of 7
Lift unwanted color or lines of graphite quickly and preciselyon sale$3.89
item# 90132 | list: $9.55
BesteSet of 32 with Black Brush CrateBeste Amazing Value Brush Set of 32
Featuring Golden Taklon, the bristles that bounce back every timeon sale$73.49
item# 89503 | list: $209.95
Painters Edge XLPalette Knives Set of 6 + StandPainters Edge XL Palette Knives Set of 6 + Stand
6 Innovative, Oversized Palette Knives And A Convenient Wooden Standon sale$68.24
item# 87122 | list: $136.45
Creative MarkFolding Brush Storage Easels & Traveling CaseCreative Mark Folding Brush Storage Easels & Traveling Case
travel with your paintbrushes & palette kniveson sale $12.59
item# 88519 | list: $17.35
Drawing & Illustration
RaffinéColored Pencil - Set of 24Raffine Colored Pencil Set of 24
Crisp sharpening Superb lead pointing, 100% color coverageon sale$9.44
item# 68096 | list: $23.50
Cezanne PremiumColored Pencil Tin Set of 120Cezanne Premium Colored Pencil Tin Set of 120
High pigment, super vibrant 3.3m diameter lead, soft feelon sale$32.99
item# 90152 | list: $129.95
Cezanne Premium Watercolor Pencil Set of 24
QuickFix+Battery Powered EraserQuickFix+ Battery Powered Eraser
Great for creating precise detail- Erases with quick precisionon sale $5.79
list: $11.35
Concept Dual TipMarkers Basic Color - Set of 24Concept Dual Tip Markers And Sets
Brilliant Colors Flow Through This 4-In-1 Style, Professional Quality Markeron sale$24.99
item# 87441 | list: $99.95
Charvin Water-SolublePastel Sticks - Set of 48Charvin Water-Soluble Pastel Painting Sticks
concentrated, high lightfastness pigments on sale$15.21
item# 87231 | list: $32.00
Super BlackPermanent Fineliner Pen - Set of 8Super Black Permanent Fineliner Pen Set of 8
Super Black permanent, waterproof and acid-free inkon sale$12.99
item# 89724 | list: $25.75
Acurit Waterproof Technical Pens
Paper, Books & Boards
Creative MarkUniversal Mixed Media PadsUniversal Mixed Media Pads By Creative Mark
20 white sheets (40 pages)90 lb. (200gsm) paper stockon sale starting $3.19
list starting: $6.50
Strathmore Blank CardsPack of 50 - 5X6.875"Strathmore Blank Mixed Media Cards & Envelopes
Versatile greeting cards for drawing, painting, collage & embellishmenton sale $30.75
item# V17804 | list: $51.25
SoHo Brick Journals
ReflexionsDouble Wire Sketch BooksReflexions Double Wire Spiral Bound Field Sketch Books
80 sheets of light cream, 70lb. paper Lies flat when opened for table useon sale starting$4.79
list starting: $13.50
soho urban artistTracing Paper PadsSoHo Tracing Paper Pads
Translucent Vellum Paper Ideal For Tracingon sale sale starting$6.79
List starting: $14.95
Canvas, Panels & Rolls
Centurion OP DLXLinen Panels - 12 PacksCenturion Deluxe Professional Oil Primed Panel 3-Packs
Superb Color Retention. Pefect for Oils & Alkyd Paintingon sale starting$11.12
list starting: $29.25
AlumaComp Painting Panel16x20" Dual-Sided UnprimedAlumaComp Unprimed Archival Aluminum Painting Panels
widely used for mounting fine art, photographs, linen and canvas. on sale$26.90
item# 88753 | list: $59.20
Centurion LXLinen Panels - 16x20" Pack of 3 Centurion Universal Acrylic Primed Linen Panels
ideal for oils, acrylics & Caseins. on sale$33.90
item# 86402 | list: $79.80
$11.30 per panel
ParamountWrap Canvas - 16x20" Box of 3Paramount1-13/16" Professional Gallery Wrap Canvas - 16x20" Deep Box Of 3
Perfect for acrylics, oils & alkydshot buy$71.81
item# 77859A | list: $221.55
$23.94 per panel
Shop For DaVinci Pro Panels
Unprimed Cotton Duck Deluxe Canvas Rolls#12 - 60" x 30 Yard Unprimed Cotton Duck Deluxe Canvas Rolls
Professional Cotton Duck Canvas Rolls At An Amazing Valueon sale$194.99
item# 62529 | list: $556.75
Centurion LXAcrylic Primed Linen Roll, 54" x 6 YardsCenturion Acrylic Primed Linen Roll, 54" x 6 Yards
Excellent for oil, Acrylic and alkyd colorson sale$227.96
item# 75369 | list: $438.70
Pro-Tones All-Media Toned Canvas Panels
Easels & Studio Furniture
Creative MarkBelgian Art HorseCreative Mark Belgian Art Horse
Space-Saving Support Perfect For The Classroom Or Small Studioon sale$201.09
item# 86298 | list: $330.85
CappellettoBettina Premium Studio EaselCappelletto Bettina Premium Studio Easel
Made Of Only The Finest Quality And Craftmanship, Imported From Italyart super sale$300.29
item# V13322 | list: $1,046.80
Cappelletto Rosabella Premium Lyre Easel
Saint Remy Studio Easel
Soho Urban ArtistAluminum Studio EaselSoho Urban Artist Aluminum Studio Easel
highly functional, lightweight, and very stable. Holds canvases up to 46" highon sale$79.99
item# 86015 | list: $200.50
RenoirBeechwood Table & Sketch Box EaselRenoir Table Easel & Sketch Box Easel
Perfect for Accommodating a wide range of mediahot buy$69.99
item# 66713 | list: $178.90
OverbyPocket Easel - Beechwood Overby Pocket Easel
Easy to set up and easy to carry from place to placeon sale$10.99
item# 71452 | list: $18.95
CarolinaStudio H-Frame EaselCarolina Studio H-Frame Easel
Top Selling Easel That Is Sturdy, Functional, And Assembles In Minuteson sale$152.99
item# 59806 | list: $484.65
SoHo Deluxe Sketch Box And Table Easel
SoHo Urban Artist H-Frame Studio Easel
MirageAdjustable Studio EaselCreative Mark Mirage All Media Adjustable Studio Easel
Easily Adjusts to any angle from flat to verticalon sale$211.99
item# 62304 | list: $626.25
SoHo Urban ArtistA-Frame Mahogany Studio EaselSoHo Urban Artist A-Frame Mahogany Studio Easel
Quality, Versatile Studio Easel That Folds Flat For Easy Storagehot buy$103.99
item# 87222 | list: $195.00
Studio Furniture
Todd ReifersSignature Artist WorkstationTodd Reifers Signature Artist Workstation
finished Beech wood adds a touch of class to any roomon sale$734.99
item# 71096 | list: $1,917.50
MatisseFrench Painter's TaboretMatisse French Painters Taboret
Organize Your Painting Studio With Styleon sale$493.49
item# 68698 | list: $1,075.95
Folding Canvas Print RackMedium
HG Art Concepts Artists Storage Chests
The Space Rover 2Paper and Board CartThe Space Rover 2 Paper and Board Cart
Perfect Organization For Studios, Schools, Frame Shops and Gallerieson sale$377.99
item# 00011 | list: $944.95
Creative MarkFolding Wood Print Rack - BeechwoodCreative Mark Folding Wood Print Rack - Beechwood
Perfect Organization For Studios, Schools, Frame Shops and Gallerieson sale$62.99
item# 61791 | list: $114.45
Frame your masterpiece
Museum CollectionPlein Aire 3.5 In Wide Frames Museum CollectionPlein Aire 3.5 In Wide Frames
Hand-leafed museum-quality closed corner ready made frameshot buy starting$38.83
list starting: $120.25
Museum CollectionGothic FramesMuseum Collection Gothic Frames
beautifully hand-finished & leafed by expert craftsmenon sale starting$30.06
list starting: $54.75
Gotham BlackDeep Gallery FramesGotham Black Deep Gallery Frames
Made With High Density Renewal-Core Patented Ecological Materialon sale starting$5.89
list starting: $14.75
Ambiance GalleryAluminum FramesAmbiance Gallery Aluminum Frames Single Frames
anodized aluminum with a polished face & an elegant brushed side finishon sale starting$6.49
list starting: $28.65
Millbrook DenverCherry FramesMillbrook Denver Cherry Frames
Perfect For Paintings, photos and printson sale starting$19.99
list starting: $54.00
ImperialFrames Canterbury CollectionImperial Frames Canterbury Collection
Museum-quality, Hand-finished by expert artisanson sale starting$29.66
list starting: $77.25
Millbrook Ready Made Frames
Cardinali Renewal Core Floater Frames
Ambiance Gallery ClipLow-Profile Frames - Boxes of 6Ambiance Gallery Clip Frames - Low-Profile Frames
Minimalist, classic design compliments any subject matteron sale starting$8.59
list starting: $43.50
Gotham WhiteDeep Gallery FramesGotham White Deep Gallery Frames
Professional Look, Economical Pricing - Gallery-Quality Deep Frameson sale starting$6.20
list starting: $14.75
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